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Cannabis Security Solutions


Collsam Distribution provides cutting-edge cannabis security solutions to grow houses and dispensaries, enabling them to maximize profits while minimizing losses and expenses. The right security measures can help owners of these businesses feel confident that their investments are safe and secure. Collsam’s products are designed to be reliable and future-proof, allowing for easy expansion to fit your business’s requirements.
The Cannabis Security Solutions from Collsam include numerous robust options, including video surveillance, automated access control systems, and integrated data analysis software. These tools allow you to keep an eye on what’s happening in your cannabis facility, as well as observe client movement and revenue statistics. The cameras can also be programmed to send out alerts when suspicious activity is detected. Collsam’s automated access control systems make sure that only employees and authorized personnel can get into certain areas of the facility. This keeps your valuable investments safe from unwanted visitors.
Collsam offers inexpensive Cannabis Security Solutions equipment that makes your property safer without costing too much. Collsam has many ways to keep your business safe from theft and unwanted visitors. They have lockers and access control systems. Collsam offers the most comprehensive Cannabis Security Solutions, including biometric readers and facial recognition software, which can be utilized to enhance the security of your investment.
Collsam not only offers robust Cannabis Security Solutions, but also excels in providing exceptional customer service. Their expert team is available to answer any questions you may have and can help you find the best security solutions for your business. They also provide no-cost advice to ensure that you find the best possible options for your circumstances.
In summary, Collsam Distribution Cannabis Security Solutions offers the most effective Cannabis Security Solutions measures to safeguard your plant from theft and unwelcome visitors. Your investments will be protected by their products because they are reliable, future-proof, and cost-effective. With Collsam, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe and sound.

Grow House Protection

Cannabis Security Solutions Grow House Protection

Process and Inventory Monitoring

Cannabis Security Solutions Process and Inventory Monitoring

Dispensary Protection

Cannabis Dispensary CCTV Protection

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Grow House


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Cannabis Dispensary Security
Grow House Parameter Protection
Perimeter Protection

Collsam cameras offer perimeter protection, which is an important feature. Monitoring odd or suspicious activity on a property helps cut down on losses caused by theft or animal mischief. Here’s a brief explanation of how perimeter protection works.

An overview of the property is provided by the Collsam cameras. This overview provides comprehensive information regarding vehicle and individual classification, enabling property owners to swiftly identify any potential threats. The cameras also possess the capability of object detection, thereby enabling the identification of activities such as loitering, attempted intrusions, and other suspicious behaviors.

Furthermore, the cameras have a camera that detects heat. This feature is great for finding dangerous people who might not be visible, like someone wearing camouflage clothes. The camera that sees heat can tell if something is dangerous in dark places.

Collsam’s perimeter protection features also let you monitor it from a distance. This permits property owners to be notified when unusual activity is observed. By watching things from far away, property owners can respond quickly and act if needed.

The Collsam cameras have advanced technology that can find out when something is happening and tell you about it right away. Property owners are only alerted if the activity is truly suspicious, which helps to reduce false alarms and reduce false alarms. The data analysis tool also allows property owners to specify their requirements, resulting in a more individualized safety framework.

To summarize, Collsam cameras are equipped with perimeter protection measures to mitigate losses caused by theft or animals. The cameras have a bunch of cool stuff that makes them great for keeping things safe. The comprehensive overview of the property, thermal imaging devices, remote surveillance, and sophisticated data analysis aid in identifying unusual or suspicious behaviors, assuring property owners of the security of their assets.

Cannabis Intruder Deterrence
Intruder Deterrence

The Collsam intrusion deterrence system is an innovative security tool that employs active surveillance cameras to safeguard households and establishments against intruders. The active alarm cameras, which are provided by Collsam, utilize advanced technology to create multiple deterrent systems to prevent trespassers from entering your property.

The system creates multiple layers of alarm systems that will notify you if unwanted activity is detected. This includes a series of sirens, flashing lights, and two-way audio that can all sound off if an intruder tries to get in. The cameras use night color and low light technology to identify potential intruders, ensuring that you have the best possible security coverage at all times.

The Collsam Intruder Deterrence system is highly reliable and effective in creating an effective deterrent system. The system uses sophisticated sensors that are designed to detect even the slightest movement or change in the heat signature. This ensures that you are informed of any potential attempts at unauthorized entry. You can communicate with the intruder if they decide to enter your property with the two-way audio.

Moreover, the Collsam Intruder Deterrence system is easy to install because there are no wires or cables. This makes it suitable for any residential or commercial property. The system can be integrated with your own home automation system, allowing you to monitor your property remotely.

Collsam Intruder Deterrence system is an innovative and comprehensive security solution that provides multiple layers of security to protect your home and business. The advanced sensors detect any potential intrusions, and the low-light and night color technology gives clear visuals for early detection. The system can also be easily installed and connected to existing home automation systems for better convenience and convenience.

Entrance and Exit Management
Entrance and Exit Management

The Collsam Entrance and Exit Management System is a system that makes sure that only vehicles that have been approved can get into a facility. The system employs sophisticated technology for recognizing license plates and sophisticated software algorithms to precisely identify vehicles and regulate entry into the gate. With the implementation of this system, the personnel of the facility can rest assured that the premises are secure and only authorized vehicles are permitted to enter.

The first thing about this system is that it collects car license plates at the gate where you enter. Advanced software algorithms are used to capture and verify the license plates of the vehicles attempting to enter. This ensures that all unauthorized vehicles are prevented from entering, thereby enhancing the security and stability of the establishment.

The system also possesses the capability to initiate the gates automatically for license plates that have been authorized. This approach allows the personnel to easily identify incoming authorized vehicles without any need for manual intervention. This increases efficiency and saves valuable time at the entrance gate.

Moreover, the system is additionally designed to distinguish distinct categories of registered vehicles by utilizing distinct colors. This facilitates the identification and management of vehicles upon their entry into the premises. A green color can be used for vehicles belonging to employees and a red color can be used for vehicles that belong to visitors. This helps to keep the facility safe and secure by quickly identifying the different types of vehicles that enter the premises.

Furthermore, the entrance and exit management system is capable of detecting suspicious events and taking necessary steps to prevent potential threats. Real-time notifications can be provided to personnel in case of any suspicious activity detected by the alarm system. Therefore, the facility is protected from potential dangers.

The Collsam Entrance and Exit Management System is an advanced device that ensures only authorized vehicles have access to a facility. It uses software algorithms and license plate recognition technology to identify vehicles and control access at the entrance gate. Additional features include automatic gate opening for authorized license plates, different color markings for different types of vehicles, and detection of suspicious activities. All of these features make sure the facility and its staff are safe and secure.

Alarm Notification
Alarm Notification

Collsam All-in-One provides comprehensive real-time visual alerts about the business from anywhere. The system is designed to guarantee the safety and security of facilities by incorporating a variety of features that facilitate prompt response to potential incidents. These features include a popup window with images of an alert trigger, email alerts sent to designated recipients, and alarm notifications relayed through the all-in-one mobile app.

The popup window feature allows the system to immediately alert members of the management of an event without having to wait for manual reporting. The message comprises a photograph of the incident, thereby enabling an immediate determination of the nature and location of the occurrence. This facilitates a more effective operation and prompt resolution of unforeseen circumstances, minimizing the impact on the enterprise.

The system also sends email alerts to the people who have been chosen to receive them. This gives more notifications than the popup window and lets many people know quickly. The platform offers a variety of choices for selecting recipients, including those from management, safety, and even law enforcement.

The system additionally furnishes real-time alarm notifications through the comprehensive mobile application. This ensures that those with access to the app are aware of the incident wherever they are and can take appropriate action. The application also allows two-way communication between the facility and the recipient, so response time can be reduced and decisions can be made well-informed.

The Collsam All-in-One system provides an efficient and comprehensive approach to guarantee the safety and security of the establishment. This device provides detailed visual alerts with images of the incident, and is capable of sending alerts to designated recipients. Its mobile app also sends real-time alerts to those who need to know what’s going on. The system provides a comprehensive security solution with these features!

Flame and Excessive Heat Detection
Flame and Excessive Heat Detection

The excessive heat in an estate can lead to dangerous situations such as fires, damaged property, and employee safety threats. Thankfully, Collsam thermal imaging cameras can prevent and minimize the risks associated with extreme temperatures. With their advanced monitoring capabilities and warnings designed to alert first responders, Collsam’s thermal cameras provide a comprehensive solution for estate safety.

The most important feature of Collsam’s thermal imaging cameras is their ability to detect rapid rises in temperature. This system can detect heat changes as small as one degree Celsius and can track temperature over both short and long periods of time. By keeping constant monitoring of heat levels, Collsam’s thermal cameras can detect potential fire hazards early on and alert first responders before the situation becomes more severe.

In addition, Collsam’s thermal cameras allow for remote monitoring of temperature levels. This helps ensure that the estate’s staff or other emergency personnel can monitor heat levels from any location. With this increased capability, it is possible to detect heat increases before it becomes a risk to staff or property.

The thermal cameras also feature a customizable alarm system. This system allows the estate owners to set the alarm level to meet their specific needs. This includes the ability to set different alarm levels for different rooms or areas. This allows for a more targeted response when an alarm is triggered.

Finally, Collsam’s thermal cameras can be integrated with an existing alarm system. This provides a complete solution for estate safety. By leveraging the data from the thermal cameras, it is possible to trigger the alarm system in the event of a dangerous temperature increase. This ensures that first responders are notified as quickly as possible when a hazardous heat spike is detected.

Overall, Collsam’s thermal cameras provide a comprehensive solution to excessive heat in an estate. By allowing for early detection of temperature changes, the potential for fire, property loss, and employee safety threats is minimized. The customizable alarm system ensures that staff and first responders are notified in the event of a dangerous temperature increase. With the ability to integrate with an existing alarm system, Collsam’s thermal cameras provide a complete solution for estate safety.

Cannabis Security Solutions Employees Monitoring
Employees Monitoring

Collsam’s Cannabis Security Solutions is a leading provider of real-time monitoring systems to ensure compliance in the cannabis industry. The solutions are designed to protect against internal theft, monitor employee efficiency, and identify employee training needs while providing an invaluable service for businesses.

The use of cameras in the cannabis industry is becoming increasingly popular as a way to monitor employee performance, protect against theft, and provide proof of compliance with regulations. Collsam’s Cannabis Security Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of products designed specifically for the unique needs of the cannabis industry. The security solutions provide 24/7 monitoring of employee activities via cameras placed throughout the building. This monitoring allows for real-time surveillance with high-definition video that can be used as evidence of theft, employee efficiency, and safety compliance.

The cameras are equipped with sophisticated analytics to alert management of any suspicious activity. The analytics are tailored to the cannabis industry, ensuring that notifications are triggered when employees do not adhere to standard operating procedures. This helps management quickly identify and address any potential issues before they escalate.

Collsam’s Cannabis Security Solutions can also help improve employee performance by providing proof of compliance with regulations. The video footage can be used to identify areas where employees may need additional training. This can help ensure employee safety and compliance in the workplace, while also improving overall performance.

Finally, the cameras can provide a sense of security for employees. The presence of cameras can act as a deterrent for potential thieves, helping to create a safe and secure environment for staff and customers alike. The presence of cameras may also improve morale among employees, as they will feel more secure knowing that their work environment is being monitored.

Collsam’s Cannabis Security Solutions provides an invaluable service for businesses by providing real-time monitoring of employees’ work conditions to ensure compliance with regulations and improve employee performance. The cameras can act as a deterrent for theft and provide video footage to identify areas where additional training may be needed. This solution can help create a safe and secure environment for staff and customers alike.

Access Control Security Solutions
Access Control Security Solutions

The safety and security of any co-working space or office environment is of paramount importance, and Collsam’s access control solutions provide companies with the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind.

Collsam Security Solutions help businesses to limit access to certain areas, enhancing security, protecting employees, and meeting the requirements of modern compliance regulations. With their innovative access control functionality, companies can easily set up and manage user access credentials, so that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.

By installing Collsam’s access control system and linking it to the company’s security database, administrators can easily monitor who is accessing sensitive areas, as well as when and from where. This helps to reduce the risk of potential security breaches, as it is much more difficult for unauthorized personnel to gain access.

With Collsam’s wide range of access control options, businesses can choose the most appropriate level of access for each user. This includes granting users access to certain areas within a building, as well as setting up time-restricted access for certain areas. Additionally, Collsam’s access control system enables administrators to instantly deactivate access in the event of an employee leaving the organization, so that the necessary security protocols can be followed.

Overall, Collsam’s access control system provides a comprehensive level of security and meets all of a company’s compliance requirements. Companies can easily set up and manage user access credentials, block certain areas from unauthorized personnel, and instantly deactivate access if necessary. This provides an effective way to control access to critical areas within a business, ensuring the highest level of security and safety.

Mobile Remote Monitoring Cannabis Security Solutions
Mobile Remote Monitoring Cannabis Security Solutions

Collsam Security Solutions’ mobile remote monitoring allows companies to gain 24/7 insight into what is happening inside their facilities, no matter the location or time zone. This innovative solution provides companies with peace of mind by helping them stay better informed of their security situations at all times. Companies can use this remote monitoring system to view the status of their facility, as well as receive instantaneous alert notifications for determining if security action is needed.

The remote monitoring offered by Collsam Security Solutions enables companies to keep track of various aspects of their security operations, such as security personnel monitoring, access control, alarm systems, video surveillance, and more. The system is designed to work with different types of security devices, giving companies the flexibility to customize their remote monitoring setup. Companies can also access their security system through various mobile devices, allowing them to keep eyes on their facility even while on the go.

With Collsam Security Solutions’ remote monitoring system, companies can get instant updates of any security-related issues that may arise. Armed with this information, companies can take timely and informed security actions, helping to reduce the risks of theft, vandalism, and other threats. In addition, the remote monitoring system allows companies to have a greater understanding of their security situation, allowing them to make improvements where needed.

Collsam Security Solutions’ mobile remote monitoring system provides companies with a reliable security solution that is both easy to use and cost-effective. The system is built to be user-friendly and can be customized to meet the individual needs of each company. In addition, the remote monitoring system is also designed to be secure and safe, making sure that all confidential information is kept secure.

Collsam Security Solutions’ mobile remote monitoring system provides companies with an efficient and cost-effective way to keep their facilities safe and secure. The system allows companies to have a more profound understanding of their security circumstances and act accordingly in the case of any security-related threats. Remote monitoring also provides instant alert notifications, giving companies the ability to take timely security actions. Thanks to this solution, companies can ensure that their facilities remain safe and secure, no matter the location or time zone.

Collsam Security Solutions POS Integration
POS integration

Collsam Security Solutions provides a comprehensive and open solution that is designed to meet the integration needs of companies from various industries. The core of the Collsam solution is a Point of Sale (POS) integration that enables businesses to take advantage of a wide range of features and benefits.

The POS integration provided by Collsam enables businesses to consolidate all their sales data into one system, giving them the ability to identify sales trends and pinpoint areas for improvement. This data can then be used to make informed decisions about sales campaigns and strategies. Furthermore, the data collected can be used to create custom reports and analysis that are tailored to a business’s particular requires.

The POS integration also allows for overlaying POS transactions on the camera feed. This opens up a variety of possibilities for businesses, including being able to monitor queues, detect suspicious behavior and ensure pricing accuracy. Being able to view the transaction data in tandem with the camera feed also provides businesses with greater control over their operations.

Through the POS integration, companies can also easily integrate third-party systems, such as loyalty programs or promotional services. Collsam allows for this integration to take place via API or SDK, giving businesses a hassle-free way to access additional services. This also allows for the creation of custom reports and analysis that are tailored to a particular business’s needs.

Overall, Collsam Security Solutions provides an open and flexible solution that supports the needs of various businesses. The POS integration allows companies to consolidate data, overlay transactions on camera live view and integrate third-party systems via API/SDK. This versatile solution makes it easy for businesses to gain a more profound understanding of their sales trends and areas that require improvement. Furthermore, it also gives them access to third-party services and the ability to create custom reports.

Cannabis Floor Plan Designs
Floor Plan Designs

Collsam technology uses video data analytics to show how customers behave, giving facility owners the chance to design their facilities in a way that best meets their customers’ needs. Our technology is completely customizable, which allows facility owners to tailor it to their individual needs and goals. Thanks to our video analytics, owners will be able to determine the high and low traffic areas. Video analytics provide an in-depth look into the flow of traffic and customer movements throughout a facility. This lets facility owners know which areas are the most popular and which areas need to be improved. This data can be used to alter the arrangement of furnishings, exhibits, and public areas to reduce patron movement and congestion.

Boost product and ad placements to drive more revenue: Using video analysis, property managers can evaluate the efficacy of product and ad placements with pinpoint precision. This information can be used to change where products are placed, how they are promoted, and how much they cost to make more sales.

Track the return on investment for specific promotions based on past performance: Facilities managers can monitor the return on investment for various promotions and items over time to discover which ones have the greatest impact.

Watch the customer’s time on the phone to spot any suspicious behavior or if assistance is needed. Video analytics can also be used to watch the customer’s time on the phone and spot any odd behavior or situations where they might need help.

Collsam’s technology provides video data analytics based on customer behavior, providing the necessary information for the best facility’s layout and design. Facility owners can use this data to optimize product placements, advertisements, customer flow, and more to make their facility the most successful it can be.

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