CB-A1625 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire, 25 Ft.



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CB-A1625 – 25ft (7.62 m) High Performance 16AWG Speaker Wire

  • Parallel Conductor
  • 1 Bare-Copper/1-Tinned 99.9% Pure Copper Stranded Conductors
  • Clear Flexible PVC Jacket


CB-A1625 25 ft (7.62 m) Speaker Wire 16 Ga 2 Conductor Original Standard Audio Signal Stereo Sound Home Theater Component Flexible Copper Cables.

High quality cables enhance speaker performance for a more natural sound!!!!

Your speakers are the final link in the audio chain. Many people consider them to be the most critical components in their stereo or home theater systems. Their clarity and ability to accurately recreate music and film soundtracks will ultimately determine how good your system sounds. The quality and design of your CB-A1625 audio cables play a key role in accurately delivering the full power and depth of the music signal from your music source to your speakers.

Entry-level Monster Standard heavy-duty speaker cables deliver improved performance!!!!!

Our lowest cost standard construction speaker cable CB-A1625 is a general purpose cable recommended for small speakers and single-brand rack systems, as well as custom home installations or professional sound reinforcement where cost is an important consideration. Monster Standard provides a quality connection and offers special features including fine high-purity copper standings for an ultra flexible construction that maker installation easy. The cable’s Duraflex protective jacket is UV stabilized and resistant to temperature extremes, household chemicals and abrasion. Higher quality manufacturing results in a speaker cable that improves power transfer for increased dynamic range.

High-Performance 16 Gauge Speaker Cable with Precision-Formulated Polyethylene Dielectric Material for High-Accuracy and Natural Sound Quality. Using advanced engineering methods and the highest-quality materials, CB-A1625 Speaker Cables deliver the purest audio solution available. Ordinary speaker cables sacrifice performance by using lower-grade materials, including steel or low-purity copper conductors. This can result in signal loss that causes poor high-frequency reproduction, and sound that is not truly accurate. CB-A1625’s speaker cables use polyethylene dielectrics to maintain signal strength over longer distances. Sixteen-gauge speaker cables improve power transfer over 18-gauge, resulting in natural, more accurate sound. They offer a larger construction and more copper than 18-gauge, which is the recommended minimum gauge for smooth sound reproduction. The longer the cable length and the larger the amp, the heavier the gauge required.

  • 16 AWG (65/0.16 mm) Stranded Copper Wire
  •  2 Conductor with super flexible clear PVC jacket
  •  Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wire
  •  3 × 6 mm OD
  •  25ft (7.62 m)

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CB-A1625 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire, 25 Ft. Data Sheet

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