3U-4U Chassis Guide Rail

Hikvision 3U-4U Chassis Guide Rail Chassis for 3U and 4U Chassis support Hikvision Rack Mounts. Fits 7600 NVR AND 7200 DVR 8 Channel, Part of Digital Video Recorder 3U And 4U Chassis Guide Rail Assembly.

3U-4U Chassis Guide Rail

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Hikvision 3U—4U Chassis Guide Rail with This Guide Rail Chassis for Easy Installation Fits

  • 16CH DS-7608NI-E2,
  • DS-7608NI-I2 A
  • DS-7616NI-E2,
  • DS-7616NI-E2, 16P,
  • DS-7616NI-I2
  • DS-7632NI- E2
  • DS-7208HQHI-F2 N or A
  • DS-7208HQHI-SH A
  • DS-7208HUHI-F2 N
  • DS-7216HQHI-F2 N or A
  • DS-7216HUHI-F2 N.



The Hikvision 3U-4U Chassis Guide Rail Chassis Support Hikvision Rack Mounts is the perfect solution for your digital video recorder. Part of the Digital Video Recorder 3U and 4U Chassis Guide Rail Assembly, the Chassis Guide Rail provides a secure and stable mount for your DVR equipment. This mount fits all Hikvision models and is easy to put in.

The Chassis Guide Rail is made of robust steel, capable of supporting the hefty load of your digital video recorder and the associated components. It features a sturdy, adjustable guide rail that provides a stable mount for your DVR, and its included accessories. The rail can be used to mount other devices such as monitors or any type of mounting requirement.

The Chassis Guide Rail also has a locking mechanism that helps keep your DVR safe. This locking feature can help protect your expensive equipment from theft and damage. The guide rail also has a built-in power outlet for powering your DVR and other necessary accessories.

The Hikvision 3U-4U Chassis Guide Rail is perfect for both professional and amateur users. You can easily configure your setup as needed with the secure mount provided by it. The sleek, black-finished steel provides a stylish yet durable mount for your DVR.

The Hikvision 3U-4U Chassis Guide Rail Chassis Support Hikvision Rack Mounts is an ideal solution for any DVR setup. Not only does it provide a secure and stable mount for your DVR and its accessories, but it also provides a simple way to adjust your mounting configurations. Its sleek and stylish design makes it perfect for any style of setup.

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