TO-STD-5835 35-Piece Multipurpose Precision Screwdriver Set Has Everything You Require for DIY Projects Needle Nose Pliers, Diagonal Cutters, Flexible Shaft, Tweezers, And More. Comes With a Durable Zippered Storage Case.


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TO-STD-5835 35 Piece Multi-purpose Precision Screwdriver Set

  • Components Needle Nose Pliers, Diagonal Cutters, Flexible Shaft, Stainless Tweezers, Easy Grip Screwdriver Handle
  • Bits Included
    • SL1.0, SL1.5, SL2.0, SL2.5, SL3.0, SL3.5, and SL4.0mm
    • PH000,PH00, PH0, and PH1
    • PZ0, and PZ1
    • T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, and T20
    • H0.7, H0.9, H1.3, H1.5, H2.0, H2.5, H3.0, and H4.0 mm
  • Durable Zippered Storage Case
  • Comprehensive tool set for precision work
  • Conveniently organized in a durable zippered storage case
  • Versatile tool set for various projects
  • Easy grip handle to make work easier and more comfortable
  • Quality construction and lasting performance
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This TO-STD-5835 35 piece multipurpose precision screwdriver set is perfect for professionals and DIYer alike. With everything you need for repairs, this set comes with a needle nose pliers, diagonal cutters, flexible shaft, stainless tweezers, and an easy grip screwdriver handle. It also comes with various bits including SL1.0, SL1.5, SL2.0, SL2.5, SL3.0, SL3.5, SL4.0mm, PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, PZ0, PZ1, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, H0.7, H0.9, H1.3, H1.5, H2.0, H2.5, H3.0, and H4.0mm. This extensive collection is perfect for various jobs from electronics assembly, RC hobbies, and jewelry repair to auto and motorcycle repair and home appliance DIY projects.

The TO-STD-5835 bits are all made of high quality S2 steel, making them durable and long-lasting. They fit perfectly into the easy grip screwdriver handle, which is designed for comfort and ease of use. Plus, the flexible shaft allows you to access hard to reach places with ease.

The 35-piece set comes with a durable zippered storage case, so you can keep everything together and well organized. The case is lightweight and fits easily into a toolbox or backpack, making it easy to take anywhere.

Overall, the TO-STD-5835 35 piece multipurpose precision screwdriver set is an excellent toolkit for home repairs, DIY projects, and more. With all the tools you need in one convenient package, it’s perfect for those who want to tackle any job. Plus, the durable case helps you to keep everything together, so you always have access to the right tool.

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