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KJB Security Products GPS935



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This cable and USB port will connect to your car’s 12V power. Designed for use with iTrail Solo GPS900 and GPS910.





KJB Security Products GPS935 USB Female to Bare End Hard-Wired Power Cable for iTrail Solo GPS900/GPS910

This cable and USB port will connect to your car’s 12V power.The KJB Security Products GPS935 designed for use with iTrail Solo GPS900 and GPS910.Designed as a power source for iTrail Solo GPS 900 (CDMA) and iTrail Solo GPS910 (Global GSM) this cable can also be used with any USB powered device that draws under 2 to 3 amps.

This device features 3 LEDs:

The Green LED represents GPS connectivity The Blue LED represents Cellular connectivity.The Yellow LED represents OBD/Ignition status

First-Time SetupWhen plugging in the iTrail Snap into the OBD-II port of your car, the Green light will glow solid for about 1 minute. The Blue light will then light up and blink every 3 seconds. After that, the Green light will begin to blink everysecond.

GPS Indicator – Green Light: The Green light will stay solid until a GPS connection is made. When a connection is made to GPS satellites, the Green light will start to blink every second, indicating a proper connection.

Cellular Indicator – Blue Light: When the Snap is looking for a cellular signal, the Blue LED will blink once every second. When a connection is made through the cellular network, the Blue LED will start to blink once every 3 seconds.

OBD Indicator – Yellow Light: The Yellow LED will indicate the status of the ignition. When the ignition is turned off there will be no light.



USB Hard Wired Power Cable (Item: GPS935)