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TRN-2000 acoustic transducer

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  • Easy plug-and-play setup amplifies your countersurveillance noise generator throughout the physical structure of the building
  • Powered by a common analog phone cable, it will connect universally to your speech protection system
  • The included mounting table allows you to mount the device directly to any wall or window for easy and instant operation


KJB Security Amplify the effectiveness of your noise generator with this small acoustic transducer For ANG2200

Your noise generation and speech protection systems are in place to provide you with the peace of mind that your proprietary and personal information is safeguarded at all times. These systems operate within a radius of the system you have set up and have their limitations. Use the TRN2000 Acoustic Transducer to turn your walls, windows, and even ducts into a forcefield for audio surveillance.

Simply mount this transducer directly onto a wall or window using the included mounting tape and plug in your noise generator via the included 20’ cable. The transducer then utilizes the structure of the building itself to amplify the noise generation, turning the structure into a virtually impenetrable barrier.

The TRN-2000 is a transducer from KJB that is designed to be used for the Ang2000. The TRN-2000 is capable of injecting acoustic noise into ceilings, walls, plumbing, air ducts, and windows to help deter and defeat wired microphones; it also allows easy connection with the acoustic noise generator and works at high efficiency for a more private environment for sharing secret information.


  • Impedance 6
  • Transducers per Generator:
    • 4 @ full level (parallel)
    • 12 @ 1/2 level (six groups of two)
    • 18 @ 1/3 level (six groups of three)
  • The vibroacoustic noise transducer
  • Protects walls, floors, ceilings, windows
  • Protects other building constructions
  • Part of the ANG-2200 system
  • Prevents the leakage of the sound spectrum