Uniview HC121@TCR-08S-Z LPR Sensor With10x Zoom Lens 1080P@60fps Image and Video Streams H.265, Vehicle And License Plate Recognition AC24V/DC12V Power IP67 And IK10 Right Side



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Uniview HC121@TCR-08S-Z LPR 2Megapixel Industrial Quality Sensor:

  • 1. 1920×1080 video image resolution motorized 4.7-47 mm 10 X zoom lens
  • Flexible adjustment of focus range according to scene
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic gain control, white balance, and WDR, ideal for various lighting conditions
  • Supports 1080P @60fps image collection, supports one image stream, triple video streams
  • H.265 custom OSD of various vehicle information
  • Built-in vehicle and license plate recognition algorithm can recognize standard license plates of multiple countries
  • Collaborates with lanes to control the entry and exit of vehicles and trigger gate opening
  • Supports AC24V or DC12V power supply and PoE
  • Cast aluminum body, efficient heat dissipation
  • IP67 and IK10.



HC121@TCR-08S-Z is an excellent camera with 2 pictures per second that works really well and is really reliable. This camera is great for security. The gadget has a zoom lens that can be adjusted from 47 to 4.7 mm, so you can get a great video and adjust it to suit the situation. It’s easy to put together.

The HC121@TCR-08S-Z LPR has a range of features that make it an ideal choice for any application. For optimal image quality, it features an automatic gain control and white balance, as well as WDR. It also supports 1080P@60fps image collection and triple video streams, allowing users to capture detailed images quickly and easily.

This HC121@TCR-08S-Z system also has a built-in algorithm that can recognize standard license plates from multiple countries. It’s capable of recognizing vehicle hues and features (daytime) and controlling vehicle movement through lanes and gate openings.

The HC121@TCR-08S-Z LPR provides both AC24V/DC12V power supply and PoE, making it versatile and convenient. The aluminum body helps keep heat away, so it can work even in freezing weather. The IP67 and IK10 ratings assure maximum protection against water and dust, further increasing the device’s reliability.

HC121@TCR-08S-Z offers great performance and a wide range of features for any security application with the Uniview HC121@TCR-08S-Z LPR. It is an effective and reliable security system that is easy to install and use.

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