Cn-Kd-Cb23 Modular Inline Coupler UTP Cat5e



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CN-KD-CB23 Cat5e RJ45 Modular Inline Coupler

  • modular inline coupler
  • Ethernet coupler
  • cat5e coupler
  • Network coupler
  • RJ-45 (F) to RJ-45 (F)
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Cn-Kd-Cb23 Modular Inline Coupler UTP Cat5e

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you have two short Ethernet patch cables and need to make a single longer one? If this is the case, you likely picked up Ethernet couplers for home use. At the very least, you have probably seen them for sale. If you work in a large corporation, your IT department will likely yell at you for using one. Used judiciously, they are a lifesaver and get the job done. Use too many, and you will ruin your signal! Grab a cup of coffee and come along with me as we talk about an object that is loved by many and similarly denigrated and despised by those who have had bad experiences with them. I even came armed with Fluke DSX-8000 test results as I had questions too!

CN-KD-CB23 Cat5e and Cat6 Inline Couplers help you make the correct connection when you need to link several networking cables together or need to extend cable runs without performance degradation.

CN-KD-CB23 RJ45 feed through coupler is designed for computer networking, voice and data applications. Designed for use with Cat.5e and Cat6 Ethernet cables, as well as compatible with standard blank patch panels and faceplate.

CN-KD-CB23Inline-couplers provide an 8 conductor, female-to-female feed-through connection for simplified cable hook-up. Manufactured with gold-plated terminals to resist corrosion for years of continued use.

CN-KD-CB23 offers various different inline couplers, in white and silver, to meet your connection needs:

  • Cat.5E Inline Coupler, Most cost-effective way to link countless networking cables.
  • Cat.5E Inline Crossover Coupler Connect two computers together without using a hub.
  • Cat.5E Full Shielded Inline Coupler– Fully covered in metal case to protect signal against dust and elector magnetic noises. Shielded coupler links numerous STP (Shielded Twisted Paired) networking cables together.
  • Cat.6 Inline Coupler – Faster connection than Cat5e and 1-1 wiring configuration is compatible with both T568A and T56B wiring scheme



Cn-Kd-Cb23 Modular Inline Coupler UTP Cat5e Datasheet


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