Dahua Technology stay with you for a long time. There is a reason why they are one of the leaders in video-centric security systems. Dahua understands, as an owner, the Security of your property is an important matter for you. To ensure you are worry-free and do not have to deal with matters like robberies and theft, Dahua has a one-time security solution for you.

In the old days, you had to tell your neighbors to keep an eye on your property when you had to go out of town. If you want your property to be smart, make a smart choice by installing a top-quality security system in your residential or commercial property.

Do you know, every 13 seconds a burglary takes place, nearly 6000 every day? As per a report by the FBI, 1 of 3 homes without a video surveillance system falls victim to a burglary, as compared to 1 of 250 homes with a security system.

People think that hiring a company to install a Security system is a time-consuming project. Soteria OC can install the Dahua Security system on your property within a short time.

Make a Smart choice

Dahua Security system is the smart choice for your home and business. It will help you save thousands of dollars. The fact that someone can get inside your home, while you are on vacation, is a thought you do not want to have. A top-quality security system gives you peace of mind when you are enjoying your time with friends and family.

59% of the burglaries occur during the daytime, and homes with trees and covers-around are often an easy target. Statistics show that 95% of the burglaries involve force, a burglar will break in by breaking the door or a window. Most break-ins are during July and August, and the month of February has the least amount of break-ins.

9 out of 10 burglars say that they will not try to break in if they find an alarm or a security system. A home without a security system has a 25% chance of burglary each year. This means people have a one in 4 chance of losing valuables.

Make a smart choice! Protect your valuables by installing Dahua Security systems. With the crime rate going high in metro cities, now is the time to taking matters into your hand.

Dahua Technology

More than 16 thousand people are working to perfect security systems for people of 180 countries. Dahua takes your security seriously, which is the reason 50% of their staff is devoted to research and development.

Dahua Technology are widely known for their durability and ease of access. They are committed to the mission of making society a safe place to live. Dahua is the 2nd largest surveillance company offering smart solutions for public and government properties.

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