Hikvision’s DeepinView Thermal and Optical Network Turret Cameras

Hikvision announced a new addition to its DeepinView Detection and Recognition camera line: the ‘Dedicated’ subseries. This new addition loads a batch of AI-powered deep learning algorithms into each unit.

Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied in many ways in security markets. As technology advances, AI chipset performance has improved to enable massive computing power using various algorithms and contributing to multi-intelligence functionality and higher accuracy.

The new Dedicated DeepinView Detection and Recognition cameras are an example of these advances, incorporating several AI-powered deep learning algorithms in one unit. What’s more, these algorithms can be switched, essentially putting five or six unique cameras in one housing.

Embedding switchable algorithms is a significant step for Hikvision to take in its AI product development. In a world of ever-changing technologies and functionalities, this approach creates great value for end users to try new technologies to ensure security; As well as to implement business intelligence and other applications,” says Frank Zhang, president of the International Product and Solution Centre at Hikvision. “The benefits of our new offerings are numerous, including reduced costs, improved efficiency, and speedy and effective incident response.”

DeepinView camera line

We’re living in an age where Artificial Intelligence is beginning to influence many aspects of our lives. While the Internet of Things (IoT) connects almost everything in our world, AI empowered devices make the connections smarter, more powerful, and more efficient.

Security cameras are no exception. Today, with advanced technologies such as WDR, 4K, night vision, and smooth streaming, being able to see things and see them clearly is no longer a major concern. Our primary quest for video cameras has become this: on top of the myriad of things we see, how do we make sense of them all? In Hikvision, we try to answer this question with the DeepinView Series network cameras.

Whether it’s a camera focusing at people or vehicles, the DeepinView Series always try to see more with its Deep Learning technology inside. They capture more faces in a single frame from much wider angles; they detect and distinguish human beings and vehicles from other objects with higher accuracy; they recognize vehicle number plates at 98%+ accuracy; and they analyze flows by detecting the queue time and status for resource optimization during peak times. What the DeepinView cameras can offer is not just video and image data, it’s the insight you need to build a smarter and safer world.

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