EX-SDI VS HD-SDI Not all HD Over Coax technologies are created equal!

EX-SDI VS HD-SDI both offer best in class image quality. They are pure digital signal formats, and there is no degradation of the video image over distance.

Conversely, analog modulation technology (HD-TVI & HD-CVI) suffers when the signal transmits over long distances. The result is poor video quality, artifacts, and video noise.


EX-SDI: Since EX-SDI is an all-digital format, it is less susceptible to external video noise commonly caused by electrical devices, lighting, ground loops, and compromised cable integrity.

Easy to Install:
EX-SDI VS HD-SDI installs just like an analog coax-based system. Simply connect the BNC cable and done. HD video with the ease of analog CCTV!

Unlike IP, no extra training is required, no complicated networks to set up and no bandwidth issues. All analog installers already know the fundamentals of installing coax-based systems.

Keep Your Coax:
Before HD over Coax, the only way to obtain HD video was with an IP camera, requiring a new run of Cat5 cable. In most cases, HD-SDI/EX-SDI can reuse the existing RG59 coax, eliminating the need to run new cable if an existing analog system is in place.

Upgrade Potential:

Do you know what is remarkable? The virtually unlimited & increased sales potential that an HD-SDI/EX-SDI upgrade play can have for your business. Think about it, how many existing coax-based systems are out there? The answer: hundreds of thousands.

What if you were to approach old analog/coax-based installations with an easy upgrade to HD discounted the cost of a brand-new installation?

Upgrade your Image:
Look at the images below, both images were taken from the same scene, but one is clearly better than the other. The top image is from the previously installed D1 resolution system (720 × 480). The bottom image is from an actual HD-SDI installation using the UIR-0412V 1920 × 1080).

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