Collsam Distribution Inc Digital Watchdog Banner

Digital security and surveillance are continually changing, and Soteria OC has always been at the forefront of this revolution. The Digital Watchdog Line of products is a new addition to our high-quality portfolio.

Digital Watchdog (DW®), a well-known company in the security industry, has always made great products with innovative technology. This acquisition enhances Soteria OC’s dedication to provide the most reliable and feature-rich products to our esteemed customers.

Sixty-five percent of the top 20 global brands are protected by the Digital Watchdog. Digital Watchdog’s success and commitment to excellence show that Soteria OC customers can expect success when using their products.

What makes DW® stand out is how easy the Spectrum® IPVMS software and Blackjack® servers are to use. Even the most novice user can benefit from this advancement in surveillance technology. The innovative design and strict adherence to customer-focused solutions make these additions an exciting prospect for our clientele.

DW® owns a vast product line which includes IP cameras, analog cameras, NVRs, DVRs, network devices, and management software. These products are manufactured in the United States and Korea.

Another aspect that accelerates Digital Watchdog (DW®) as a leading choice is their compliance with GSA Schedule Contracts and other government opportunities. The majority of the Digital Watchdog products qualify for these opportunities due to their TAA / NDAA compliance. This is an added feather to their impressive cap, making them an ideal choice for everything from small-scale to large-scale security solutions.

In conclusion, Soteria OC is exceedingly proud to herald the addition of Digital Watchdog to its line of high-grade security products. With this venture, we want to give our customers the best, most reliable, intuitive, and user-friendly security solutions.