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Telpix has been dominating the CCTV industry for the past 16 years, offering a wide range of reliable and quality products. Our customers love us for our excellence in customer service and the quality of our products.

Now, we have taken our products a step further and have made them even better. We have the latest and best cameras available, as well as digital video recorders (DVR) for more advanced recordings. Our cameras go through rigorous testing to ensure that they can put up with any type of severe condition. We also have TV Mounts, Non-Fused Breaker Power Distributors, Power pigtails, Power Adapters, Siamese Coaxial Cable, CCTV Camera Lenses, Analog Cameras, RJ45 Modular Jack, RJ9 Headset Connector, and RJ11 Telephone Connector, to name a few.

We also have a digital multi-tester, power strips, power adapters, camera mounts and brackets, RCA and BNC connectors, adapters, and premade coaxial and power cables. Our camera housing will protect your camera against the elements and will prolong its life.

At Telpix, we have taken the best of the industry and improved it. We make our products to last and will not let you down. We stand behind all of our products, and can confidently assure you that you will be getting the highest quality and durability when you choose Telpix products.

Experience the power of quality and reliability with Telpix. Our products have been upgraded to meet the highest standards of the industry, so you can feel secure in knowing that you are getting the best in the market. Don’t wait – get the best of the industry today with Telpix!