AV Devices

AV or Audiovisual. Another term for sound and motion. Much Handycam equipment uses AV connectors.

AV means audiovisual signals. Electronic equipment effectively generates the audio/visual signals. AV input on any TV usually helps with TV calibration. This is a process that helps to get the videos in the best possible quality.

AV input is a usual label on the connector to receive the av signals from high-quality electronic equipment. Many terminals are available in different electronic types of equipment include, including but not limited to the DVR NVR recorder, and TV.

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  • Hikvision 46″ 2 x 2 Wall-Mounted Bracket for DS-D2046NH-E


    46" 2*2 bracket-Z-LB
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  • Dahua Technology PFM791 HD Video Isolator

    • HD video isolator, to solve the HDCVI image interference caused by ground loops effectively;
    • Apply to indoor or in the junction box
    • Working Temperature: -20~55℃
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