Cable Ties

Collsam Distributions provides various cable ties to help secure CCTV security cables along walls and ceilings. These cable ties are made from rubber, which makes them ideal for fastening security cables to walls or ceilings. With Collsam Distributions Zip ties, you can be sure that your CCTV security cables will stay put.

Collsam Distributions’ wraps are designed to be reliable and resilient in different installation scenarios. The rubber cable wraps mounts work well in hot places and can resist UV light. This means that they can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations, providing a secure hold whatever the conditions. Furthermore, these Wraps are made of strong nylon that won’t slip or loosen even in tough conditions.

Collsam Distributions’ wraps are easy to install, with their self-adhesive backing allowing for a simple and quick installation process. The supplied zip ties have a locking system that can be adjusted to fit different cable sizes. The tie wraps fit a range of CCTV security cable diameters, so they can be easily installed.

The zip tie from Collsam Distributions helps prevent short circuits in systems with bundled cables. Furthermore, they are fire-resistant, meaning that there is no risk of fire when using them for CCTV security cable installations.

Overall, Collsam Distributions’ wraps offer exquisite performance and reliability. They are made of strong rubber and can hold CCTV security cables well. They are easy to install and can be used in both homes or businesses. Wraps from Collsam Distributions ensure that your surveillance cables are securely mounted and held in place.