Coax Siamese or Combo Cables

The Coax Siamese cable, also known as RG59 Siamese cable, can take care of all your security camera wiring issues. This cable is the best choice for transmitting power and video to BNC cameras. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling cables and tangled wires, and welcome a streamlined and effective wiring approach.

One of the most impressive features of Coax Siamese cable is its heavy shielding. This safeguards the cable from outside interference, delivering a consistent and clear signal to your surveillance cameras. This is crucial for professional CCTV use. A good video feed is critical for keeping your place safe. The heavy shielding also makes the cable durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and wear and tear over time.

The Coax Siamese cable consists of a COAX video cable and two 18-gauge power cords. This unique design not only saves space and reduces clutter, but also makes installation quick and easy. You no longer have to deal with separate cables for power and video, making the setup process much more efficient. The process is simpler and reduces the chance of installation errors because only one cable is needed for installation.

Another advantage of Coax Siamese cable is its versatility. It works with analog security cameras up to 4K resolution. Whether you have a small residential system or a large professional setup, this cable can handle it all. No matter how far your security cameras are from the recording device, they will have a strong and stable connection.

Each security camera run can be cut to the exact length you require with Coax Siamese cable. This eliminates the need for excess cable, reducing waste and saving you money. You can change how long your security cameras run to make sure they cover your property well.

In conclusion, the Coax Siamese cable is the ultimate choice for all your security camera wiring needs. Its strong and flexible design, easy installation, and compatibility with different security camera systems make it a popular choice for both businesses and homes. Upgrade to Coax Siamese cable today and experience the convenience, efficiency, and reliability it has to offer.