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Warning Signs are a cost-effective way to deter potential criminal activity. You may not be able to afford a fully equipped surveillance system, so you can just install Warning Signs to alarm opportunistic criminals and keep them from entering your property.

Most Warning Signs are available in a bilingual version to help you notify English and Spanish-speaking people that your premises are under video surveillance and being monitored.

One study that surveyed over 400 incarcerated burglars found that security system signage was one of the top 10 deterrents when selecting a home to break into.

But this method comes in at number nine on the list, preceded by more actionable security measures like alarms, cameras, and full security systems. Security signs are a good way to reinforce existing security measures, such as more effective security alarms.

So, on their own, signs might deter more amateur thieves, but if you have security signs and systems, cameras, or motion-sensor lighting, you decrease your chances of a burglary.

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  • Dahua Technology YC-JSD08 Speed Bump (Yellow)

    Speed bump (1pc) Speed bump (1 pair, 2 pcs) required to install one underbody inspection system (UVSS) to protect wired connections.



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  • WA-SIGN1811 Outdoor Video Surveillance Warning Sign, 11″(W)x18″(H) size, Rust FREE Heavy Duty Aluminum, UV Printed, English & Spanish


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  • WA-SIGN1109 Video Surveillance Warning Sign, 9″(W)x11″(H) size, Plastic, English & Spanish


    SaleWA-SIGN1109 Video Surveillance Warning Sign, 9″(W)x11″(H) size, Plastic, English & Spanish
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