HD Coaxial Cameras

HD over Coax (also known as HD Analog) refers to the transmission of high-definition video and audio streams over coaxial cables that have traditionally been limited to a standard quality video. There are several competing technologies in this category, including CVI, TVI, and AHD.

  • 2 MegaPixel HD Coaxial Cameras

    The 2-MegaPixel dome camera is equipped with a 1/2.7″ image sensor that delivers 1920x1080 (1080p) full-HD video. The camera uses HD-TVI technology to transmit HD video over RG59 coax cabling up to 1600′ with no latency.
  • 4-MegaPixel HD Coaxial Cameras

    4-MegaPixel  HD Over Coaxial technology can now be used for up to 4 Mega-pixel videos. Now 4 Megapixel security cameras can display video up to 4MP with HDCVI technology. With our new HD DVRs, it is now possible to record up to 4MP at 15 frames per second, 2MP at 720p, or 960H Analog at real-time 30 frames per second.
  • 5 MegaPixel HD Coaxial Cameras

    5-MegaPixel security cameras have the capability to capture HD video surveillance at 5-MegaPixel resolution (2592 x 1944 pixels). The 5 MegaPixel CCTV cameras on this page are BNC-type cameras.
  • 8 Megapixel 4K HD Coaxial Cameras

    8 Megapixel 4K  HD Over Coaxial technology can now be used for up to 8 Megapixel 4K HD videos. 8 Megapixel 4K  security cameras can display video up to 8 Megapixel 4K with HDCVI technology. With our new HD DVRs, it is now possible to record up to 8 Megapixel 4K at 15 frames per second.
  • Panoramic HD Coaxial Cameras

    Panoramic security cameras - often referred to as 360° cameras - carry enormous viewing angles. When attached to a ceiling, these cameras can produce enormous 360° images by blending separate sensors together into one unified image. Within this view, you can digitally pan, tilt, and zoom.
  • PTZ HD Coaxial Cameras

    There are many instances where a traditional surveillance camera will not provide enough coverage. In these cases, a pan/tilt/zoom camera can be installed which gives the user the versatility to remotely change the direction of view or zoom or can lock onto a target that should not be in the area and follow it until it is determined to not be an issue or threat.
  • Starlight HD Coaxial Cameras are security cameras that use image sensor technology to produce good quality color images in low light conditions. The camera features an IR cut filter (ICR) that switches the device to night mode when insufficient light is available to reproduce good quality color images. While in night mode, the IR cut filter disengages, allowing infrared and visible light to reach the image sensor. This feature is beneficial for security purposes as it allows for improved night vision in low light conditions, even when there is only weak illumination of starlights. The Starlight HD Coaxial Cameras was first developed by the US military for use in battlefield conditions, and has since been adapted for use in a variety of civilian applications. Starlight cameras are often used for security and surveillance, as they are able to provide clear images in low light conditions without the need for artificial lighting. Starlight cameras are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be used for a variety of applications. You know, human eyes could hardly identify anything when the illumination goes below 20 Lux. Well, the starlight cameras, with exceptional starlight sensitivity, could give you sharper and clearer images than your eyes could see even in almost 0 Lux conditions.

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