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  • DoorBird IP Video Door Station D1101KH Modern, surface-mount, stainless steel V2A, brushed, incl. surface-mounting housing

    A Doorbird D1101KH-M-S market leading modern doorbell for home or office and stylish member of the brand-new family of Door birds. As well as the refined and sophisticated look, this model introduces some new functionality. Such as, Bluetooth for access control (future firmware update), 1080p Camera, Sony image sensor, and improved audio quality. And it looks so elegant!


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  • Doorbird D1101V Surface Mount Market leading Video IP Intercom and Doorbell

    The Doorbird D1101V Surface mount model is brand new and sits in the middle of the Doorbird range, has a beautiful stainless steel fascia in a range of finishes, all the essential Doorbird functionality, 1 x door release relay’s, and newly introduced Bluetooth for simple access control. 


    D1101V SM
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