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  • VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras Integrated Thermal Imager and PTZ For Intrusion Detection and Object Tracking

    • Thermal detection and tracking of intruders up to 1640 ft/500 m in a 360° panoramic view
    • Integrated high-speed PTZ provides real-time tracking
    • Geospatial tracking on localized maps
    • Excellent performance regardless of lighting or weather conditions
    • Dual inputs to VMS provide PTZ image and multiscreen customized thermal display
    • One thermal unit can replace up to 8 fixed cameras
    • Perfect for large storage yards, parking lots, power plants or other secure areas


    VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras
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  • TVST-TR5708 TR series 5708 | 8Chanel TVI, AHD, CVI, Analog, IP Hybrid DVR System, H.265, up to 5MP, 8Ch Audio, HDMI, 1 and time,

    8 Chanel 5MP Lite high definition DVRs with the ability to connect analog and IP cameras simultaneously; which adopt the standard H.265 high profile compression format and the most advanced SOC technique to ensure real-time recording in each channel and realize outstanding robustness of the system. It supports 8 CH video input, 8 CH audio input, simultaneous 8 CH playback. It can meet different security requirements of home, financial, commerce, enterprise, transportation, and government.

    Seagate Data Recovery


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