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  • CB-BNC-07 Premade Premium 70 ft (21.34 m) Power and Video Cable

    • Solid bare copper center conductor
    • Male BNC connector to connect security camera to DVR
    • High-quality PVC jacket for enhanced durability
    • Designed for composite video and surveillance systems
    • Foam polyethylene dielectric
    • PVC jacket
    • 95% coverage shield
    • Ideal for composite video and surveillance systems


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  • CB-AL3-A-WH 22 AWG Gauge 6 Conductor Bare Copper Unshielded Alarm Security Burglar Cable Wire

    • The highest allowed operating temperature of the conductor for long-term working is 90 degrees.
    • In short circuit (Max long term is no more than 5 seconds), the highest temperature for conductor is no more than 250 degrees.
    • The cable is laid without horizontal drop limit. The environment temperature should be no lower than 0 when lay. Otherwise, it should be preheated.
    • Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion.
    • They can stand advisable traction when laid. They can stand traction from Outside. Left low smoke, halogen-free after burned. Retard the burning of the cable.


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  • CB-AL1-A-WH 1000ft (304.8 m) Alarm Cable 1Pair

    • 1000ft (304.8 m), 22-gauge shielded stranded conductors.
    • Two CCA -conductor round solid station wire.
    • Pull-Out Box for easy installation.
    • Flexible PVC outer jacket with Rip cord.
    • Sequential feet marking every two feet.


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