Dahua Technology A83AA9 4K 8 Megapixels Starlight HDCVI Box Dimensions.




Dahua Technology HDCVI A83AA9

4K Micro Four Thirds Starlight Box Camera (No Lens)

  • 4/3-in. 8 Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS Imager
  • M43 Lens Interface
  • 4K at 15 fps (HDMI), 4 MP at 30 fps (BNC)
  • Ultra-low Starlight Technology
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range (140 dB) and 2D and 3D Noise Reduction
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Software Upgrade via USB
  • Five-year Warranty


Dahua Technology A83AA9 4K 8 Megapixels Starlight HDCVI Box Camera HDMI and HDCVI CVBS Output

Capture quality surveillance video over vast areas with the Dahua’s A83AA9 8 Megapixels 4K Micro Four Thirds Starlight HDCVI Box Camera from Dahua Technology at resolutions up to 3840 × 2160. Featuring HDCVI technology, this box camera simultaneously transmits video, power, data, and audio over a single coaxial cable, delivering forensic-level images while leveraging existing coax infrastructure. The camera’s 140 dB ultra-wide dynamic range ensures balanced exposure in scenes with sharp contrasts in brightness, while 2D/3D noise reduction makes for clear images in low-light conditions. Rugged in design and easy to install, this camera is suitable for use in mid- to large-size businesses and in large, open spaces such as city centers, parks, and campuses.

Micro Four Thirds System

This camera takes advantage of the Micro Four Thirds System, an interchangeable-lens photography system that offers superior picture quality from a smaller lens. This system offers nine times the surface area and pixel size of the standard 1/3” sensor commonly used in video surveillance applications. The larger surface area and pixel size increases the light-gathering capability of the sensor to deliver color images in ultra-low light conditions in the 8MP camera class when other cameras have switched to monochrome.


4K Resolution

4K delivers four times the resolution of standard HDTV 1080p devices, offering sharply detailed picture quality. 4 K resolution also improves the clarity of magnified scenes, allowing the camera to record and view crisp forensic video covering large areas.


Starlight+ Technology

For challenging low-light applications, Dahua’s Starlight Ultra-Low-Light Technology offers enhanced light sensitivity, capturing color details in low light down to 0.001 lux. The camera uses a large pixel sensor, smart imaging algorithms, and a set of optical features to balance light throughout the scene to deliver clear images in dark environments.


Four Signals over One Coaxial Cable

HDCVI technology simultaneously transmits video, power, data, and audio over a single coaxial cable. Dual-way data transmission allows the HDCVI camera to communicate with an HCVR to send control signals or to trigger alarms. HDCVI combined with PoC technology delivers power to devices at the edge, simplifying installation.


Long-Distance Transmission

HDCVI technology delivers real-time transmission over long distances without significant loss of video quality. Cameras provide the same resolution as most IP network camera systems using existing RG-59, RG-6, or CAT 6 UTP cabling.



HDCVI technology seamlessly integrates traditional analog surveillance systems with upgraded, high-quality HD video, protecting security investments. The plug-and-play approach enables full-HD video surveillance without the hassles of configuring a network.


Multiple Outputs

The camera supports HDCVI and CVBS signal outputs simultaneously with one HDMI connector and one BNC connector. These output signals allow the camera to integrate with various devices, including analog matrix systems and monitors.

Data Sheet


Dahua Technology A83AA9 4K 8 Megapixels Starlight HDCVI Box Data Sheet

User's Manual


Dahua Technology A83AA9 4K 8 Megapixels Starlight HDCVI Box User's Manual

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 7 in




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