Telpix CB-6CP-G05B95S-B RG6 Coax and Power Combo Cable, 500ft (152.4 m), Black
Telpix CB-6CP-G05B95S-B RG6 Coax and Power Combo Cable, 500ft (152.4 m), Black




CB-6CP-G05B95S RG6=U Coax and 16/2 Power Combo Cable, Split Type, 500ft in Plastic Reel

  • RG6 Coax and Power Combo Cable, 500ft (152.4 m), White
  • Data and Power CCTV Surveillance Cameras
  • 16 AWG Solid Bare Copper (BC) Conductor
  • BC Stranded 18/2 Power Wires
  • Flame Rated PVC Jacket  & UV Resistance
  • Sweep Tested to 3.0 GHz.
  • 75 Ohm
  • Bare Copper Wire Braided Shielding
  • CM Rated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Supplied in White
  • 500 ft (152.4 m) is Supplied on Spool

Data Sheet


Telpix CB-6CP-G05B95S-B RG6 Coax and Power Combo Cable, 500ft (152.4 m), White Data Sheet


CB-6CP-G05B95S Cable RG6/U Siamese 500 ft (152.4 m). Coaxial CCTV Cable Combo RG6-U and 16AWG 2 Power.

CB-6CP-G05B95S cable consists of two components: Component A: One RG6/U 16 AWG solid copper clad steel center conductor; gas injected foamed Polyethylene insulation; overall aluminum polyester foil shield; overall 60% coverage aluminum braid shield AND Component B: 2 conductors 16 AWG stranded copper clad aluminum; color-coded HD-PE insulation; overall PVC jacket.

CB-6CP-G05B95S RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cable, 500 Feet, White, Boxed High quality RG6 quad shield design. Ideal for satellite and cable applications. Foil and braid shielding reduce EMI/RFI.

CB-6CP-G05B95S RG6 is commonly used for digital HDTV, CATV, satellite television, and outdoor TV antennas installations. This cable features a UL listed PVC jacket. Internally, this cable is protected from RFI and EMI interference. The center conductor is sweep tested to 3.0 GHz and is made from solid copper-clad steel. This bulk cable comes in a high-quality, easy pull box and can be measured and cut to exact distances. RG6 is commonly terminated with an F-Type, BNC, or RCA connector.

Item Detail: High-Grade RG6 Coaxial Cable Box of 500 Feet White Coated Cable Suitable for Digital HDTV Applications, CATV, Outdoor TV Antennas and Digital Satellite Installations Solid Copper-Clad Steel Sweep-tested to 3GHz.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 12 in

Black, White


RG6/U Coaxial Component

Material copper clad steel (CCS)
Size 18 AWG
Construction Solid
Material Foamed PE
Wall Thickness .070” nom
O.D. .180”
Color cord White
Foil 1 Alum/poly 100% coverage
Braid 1 34 AWG 60% coverage
Material PVC
Wall Thickness .029” nom
O.D. .272” nom
Color Black or White


Two 16 AWG Conductors

Material copper clad aluminum
Size 16 AWG
Stranding 7/.017
Material HD- PE
O.D. .078”
Color cord black, Red
Material PVC, PVC is extruded over coax and pair with web attached
O.D. .200 × 112
Material PVC
O.D. .272 × .480
Color Black or White
Markings CCTV COMBO RG6/U+16/2 CL2 WHT (or BLK) E348365 Lot#XXXXXXXXX 002FT (004FT….006FT)… 500FT
Temperature −20 °C to 75 °C
Voltage 300 Volt
Capacitance 117.3 pf/Ft. nom
Impedance 75 Ohms/M
Velocity of Propagation 78%
Inner DC Resistance 32 Ohms/M’ @ 20 °C
Outer DC Resistance 6.1 Ohms/M’ @ 20 °C
Max Attenuation 10 MHz → .85 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
50 MHz → 1.46 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
100 MHz → 2.05Db/100ft (30.48 m)
200 MHz → 2.9Db/100ft (30.48 m)
400 MHz → 4.12Db/100ft (30.48 m)
700MHz → 5.95 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
1000MHz → 7.75 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
1500MHz → 8.06 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
2000MHz → 11.3 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
2500MHz → 12.2 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
3000MHz ⇾ 13.48 Db/100ft (30.48 m)
PUT=UPS 500ft (152.4 m)/Reflex CTN
WEIGHT G.W.: 21.80 LBS/500ft (152.4 m)
N.W.: 19.50 LBS/500ft (152.4 m)
DIMENSION 12.4 × 12.4 × 11.80 IN/500ft (152.4 m)


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