CB-AL3-A-WH 22 AWG Gauge 6 Conductor Bare Copper Unshielded Alarm Security Burglar Cable Wire

  • The highest allowed operating temperature of the conductor for long-term working is 90 degrees.
  • In short circuit (Max long term is no more than 5 seconds), the highest temperature for conductor is no more than 250 degrees.
  • The cable is laid without horizontal drop limit. The environment temperature should be no lower than 0 when lay. Otherwise, it should be preheated.
  • Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion.
  • They can stand advisable traction when laid. They can stand traction from Outside. Left low smoke, halogen-free after burned. Retard the burning of the cable.


CB-AL3-A-WH AWG Gauge 6 Conductor Bare Copper Unshielded Alarm Security Burglar Cable

Use this CB-AL3-A-WH 22awg 6 conductor cable to pre-wire a home or business for security systems. This cable can be run in the area of a building between floors that is used to circulate air. The plenum rating refers to the fire-retardant material used in the jacket of the cable. This comes on a 500 ft (152.4 m) pull box.

CB-AL3-A-WH Has 6 core cable is applicable to cables and wires with rated voltage 300V and AC voltage 300V or less used in factory, household appliances, insurance, communication equipment.

Features Conductor Material: tinned stranded copper Conductor Area CSA (per strand): 0.3 mm² /22 AWG, Commonly used in security, CCTV, and Access control installations.

Alarm cable can be used in a wide variety of applications such as; connecting to PIR sensors, door/window contacts, linking control panels together and much more.

Our quality stranded cable has tinned stranded copper cores and a durable, yet flexible PVC outer insulation, making it ideal for any low voltage installations. Voltage drop should be taken into consideration before installing to ensure suitability, particularly if you are going over a long distance at a high current.

Applications Access control panels, security panels, card readers, sensors, keypads, power, microphones, speakers, security monitoring and alarm system, building intercom system, for electrical equipment internal line control, for signal control of computer, instrument, electronic equipment and automation equipment. Specifications Certification UL2464 No. of Cores 6 Nominal.

Data Sheet


CB-AL3-A-WH 22/6 Solid bare copper conductor, un-shielded, with an overall jacket Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 12 in


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