Bracket CB-PVP 3 axis Conduit Box

  • 3-axis Mount
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Hikvision White


Hikvision CB-PVP PanoVu 3-Axis Conduit Junction Box

CB-PVP PanoVu 3-AXIS CONDUIT BOX is designed to meet the tech requirement at its best, the product code CB-PVP makes it more specific and compatible with your tech need. This is never been easy to buy compatible Security equipments for your systems now Collsam made it easy.

Hikvision Mounting Box for Network Camera – TAA Compliance CB-PVP

What is a PanoVu Camera

Designed for large-scale security monitoring applications such as stadiums, city centers, airports and parking lots, the PanoVu series allows users to replace multiple cameras with one multi-sensor unit – curtailing costs and reducing technical complexity. The traditional surveillance solution for this type of large 180- or 360-degree scene would require several cameras and server-level video stitching software to blend the images and create a single panoramic picture. Hikvision’s PanoVu Series is an all-in-one solution which integrates multiple sensors into the one unit, eliminating the need for video stitching software.

The PanoVu Cameras’ all-in-one design allows only one Ethernet and one power supply cable, providing for easy installation and simple configuration. The cameras have also been designed to offer easy preview images to further aid in set-up, and to dramatically reduce maintenance times and costs.

  • Parameters, 2690 g (5.93 lb.)
  • Appearance Hikvision White
  • Material Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimension269 mm × 275.8 mm × 140.1 mm 10.59 inch (26.9 cm) × 10.86 inch (27.58 cm)× 5.52 inch (14.02 cm)
  • Description3-axis Mount

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in



Cable Routing Yes
Pan Yes
Roll Yes
Mounting Camera Mount
Clamping Range Not Specified by Manufacturer


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