CN-FB1106C RG59 Male F-connector – Twist-on type Top View




CN-FB1106C is a Gold Plated Twist-on F connectors are an economical solution that requires no termination tool. Twist-on connectors are designed for indoor coax terminations for standard video and other RF applications. These connectors offer a threaded design and a knurled body for easy twisting.

  • Designed for use with RG-59 coaxial cable
  • Reusable, can be removed and reused
  • Industry standard 1/4 in. × 1/4 in. cable preparation
  • Center conductor range: all
  • Dielectric diameter range: 0.175 in. to 0.183 in.
  • Outer jacket diameter range: 0.254 in. to 0.278 in.
  • Designed for 75 Ω coaxial cables
  • 7/16 in. diameter with 3/8-32 thread


CN-FB1106C RG59 Gold Plated Male F-connector – Twist-on type

The CN-FB1106C Coaxial cable RG59 Dual Shield Male Twist On “F” Connector, easy to use with no special tooling required.

With the CN-FB1106C, Convert or upgrade your TV outlets to the digital standard fully shielded “F” connector.

These Twist On’s are specially sized to suit the More flexible RG59 Dual Shielded Coaxial Cable.

It is important to use a fitting correctly sized for the diameter of the cable and for the number of shielding layers it has, to get a good connection and make fitting possible.

CN-FB1106C is a RG59 is a smaller diameter cable, and you may have the cable used in the wall of your house or Van.

Just using a sharp knife, you can trim the cable jacket and install these Male Twist on “F” connectors to join cables or attach to wall plates, splitters etc.

The twist-on F-connector converts bare end coaxial cable. It is for use with RG59 coaxial cable.

  • Gold-plated contact pin reduces signal loss
  • F-type jack construction
  • Twist-on design makes installation quick and easy
  • Weather-resistant construction for outdoor or indoor use
  • No tools are required for assembly
  • Works with video and audio cables
  • Provides connection to televisions, cable boxes, antennas, satellites, and modems
  • Ideal for home or office settings
  • Compatible with all brands cables with F-type jacks
  • Instructions and diagram included for proper installation



CN-FB1106C RG59 Male F-connector – Twist-on type Top View Datasheet

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .15 × .15 in


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