KJB D1445 Digital Voice Recorder
KJB D1445 Digital Voice Recorder
KJB D1445 Digital Voice Recorder





  • Innovated voice activated and continuous recording
  • Convenient playback functionality
  • Built-in AGC MIC, used in conference room
  • Keyfob design for covert mission
  • Vibration alert

Data sheet


KJB Long Life Battery Voice Recorder 16GB

Installation Manual


Digital Voice Recorder & Power Bank - D1445


KJB Security Products Digital Voice Recorder & Power Bank – D1445

This KJB D1445 digital voice recorde & powerbank  dual action mini power bank will charge your mobile devices and record all your important meetings. There is no other power bank that is also a voice recorder! Choose between voice activated or continuous recording modes and enjoy having one less thing to pack for business meetings or lectures.

​This Digital Voice Recorder doubles as a Power Bank, will charge your cell phones and record audio at the same time. There are two settings on this Digital Voice recorder; you can continuously record audio or device can be automatically triggered through voice activation. 
Internal Memory of 16GB allows you to store multiple recording sessions. The battery can last up to 14 days (HQ standard) and in continuous record up to 150 days in the SVOS standby record.


  • Charges cellphone, mobile devices while travelling or on-the-go
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Small and compact
  • Internal Memory 16GB
  • Battery can stand by for up to 150 days in voice activated mode
  • Continuous or Voice recording mode
  • 3 selectable Sound quality modes
  • Date and time stamp of the recordings
  • Magnet attachable/detachable
  • 9,999 max recording files




  • Internal 16GB memory
  • Battery indication (LED is off in recording)
  • USB 2.0 high speed upload & download / Plug-in & Playback
  • Recording LED lights on/off switch
  • Rechargeable battery : li-ion, 3.7V, 3000mAh charging time – PC/5 hrs, AC adapter ( not included) / 3 hrs
  • ALC function (Automatic Recording Level Control)
  • Max no. of recording files : 9,999 files;Can be operated by external power supply using PC USB port or USB AC adapter
  • Magnet attachable/detachable
  • Recording time : Memory 16GB HQ 576hrs XHQ 288hrs
  • Recording Sound Quality Mode : HQ(64kbps) or XHQ(128kbps) User Option
  • Hours of battery use on a single charge : 14 days(HQ standard) in continuous record up to 150 days in SVOS standby record
  • SVOS level (sensitivity setting) user option (5 levels)Date and time stamp of the recordings
  • Super Voice Operated Recording System(SVOS) for max 150 days
  • PC O/S : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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