KJB Security Products GPS933-4G
KJB Security Products GPS933-4G





Replacement Product GPS900-4G

  • Get 50 extra hours of drive time
  •  Get 5 months of extra standby time
  •  Easy to use the iTrail Solo with or without the battery: It’s a simple on/off case
  •  Kit includes iTrail Solo, battery, and case


End Of Life Product

Replacement Product GPS900-4G

GPS933-4G Get 50+ hours of extra recorded data with this battery kit made for iTrail Solo GPS Tracker. The favorite iTrail portable, battery powered GPS tracking device comes equipped with a panic button and 4G Network. Place it in a purse, backpack, or glove box to track assets on foot, bike, car or any vehicle you can think of. Perfect for monitoring two or more vehicles, assets, or people. Powered by Verizon and our exclusive iTrail Live GPS tracking platform.

KJB iTrail Solo Extended Battery Kit—GPS933-4G is Now available on the 4G LTE Network, the iTrail SOLO works with a tracking subscription, pick a location update data plan to be meet your tracking needs. The best cellular networks are used to stream your tracking data to the iTrail LIVE app and web tracking platform. Utilize geo-fences, alerts and reporting for device management. All plans are available and billed Month to Month or Yearly, iTrail never charges a cancellation fee.

The GPS933-4G iTrail portable, battery powered GPS tracking device, extended battery and weatherproof case. Powered by Verizon and our exclusive iTrail Live GPS tracking platform.

Track assets with the iTrail Solo Real-Time 4G GPS Tracker with Extended Battery Kit from KJB Security Products. It can be used to monitor the location of a vehicle from a computer or mobile device with the iTrail app for iOS and Android. This tracker works on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks throughout North America. It is accurate to within 6.6′ and can be set to send you an alert if it has left a designated geo-fence.

This tracker is bundled with an extended battery that lasts for up to 50 hours of drive time or five months of standby power. The included case protects your device and keeps the connections neat. A monthly service plan is required (available separately).



iTrail Solo Extended Battery Kit (Item: GPS933-4G)

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


  • Battery Specs:
  • Li-ion Battery
  • DC 5V 1000mA Input
  • DC 5V 1000mA Output
  • 10,000 mAh Capacity
  • Full Charge 9-10 Hours
  • Up to 50 Hours Drive Time
  • Up to 5 mos standby power
  • Temperature -10 ~ 45 C;Charge Time 9-10 Hours
  • Tracker Specs:
  • ENVIRONMENTAL; Temperature -20º to +70º C (operating) -40º to +85º C (storage)
  • GPS: Location Technology 50 channel GPS (with SBAS) SBAS: WAAS
  • Humidity 95%RH @ 50º C non-condensing
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Location Accuracy 2.0 meter CEP (with SBAS) Tracking Sensitivity -160dBm
  • AGPS Capable
  • Up to 10 GPIOs, 1 UART + 1 debug, 1 ADC, USB 2.0 FS
  • Acquisition Sensitivity -147dB

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