Eyemax IBA-EBS10 Eyeball Deluxe Smart Wall Mount for Fixed Lens Models With Camera




Eyemax IBA-EBS10 Eyeball Smart Wall Mount for Fixed Lens Models

  • Aluminum alloy material with surface spray treatment
  • Design of cable entrance hole
  • Better waterproof design
  • Junction box for better cable arrangement


Eyemax IBA-EBS10 Eyeball Deluxe Smart Wall Mount for Fixed Lens Models

The IBA-EBS10 is a dome camera wall mount bracket that is compatible with CCTV and network IP security cameras.

This IBA-EBS10 L-bracket is made of white aluminum construction.

Easy to operate and maintain, you can use this junction box as a mount extension to give the cameras a little extra space and get a better view under the eave.

Anti-UV: The IBA-EBS10 junction box is made of metal, which is UV resistant, which is very suitable for connecting wires internally and slowing down the internal aging of your project. Don’t be afraid to place it outdoors.

Shock Resistance durable and Sturdy box is the base of everything. Thick, durable metal IBA-BL junction box is safe for pets and animals and effectively blocks rain, snow, dirt, dust, UV rays and other outdoor threats.

This IBA-EBS10 Wall Bracket can be used with all Collsam Fixed Lens Dome camera to help manage cables and protect terminations at the camera installation locations.

The IBA-EBS10 wall bracket can be easily installed on indoor and outdoor walls, keeping the dome camera pointed down towards the ground to minimize rain impact on the dome cover and protect image quality.

  • Provides a compact and neat solution for cable management during installation
  • Protects connectors from being rusted or oxygenated
  • Prevent cables being cut and protect the wiring
  • Provide a beautiful way of concealing electrical wires
  • Install easily, provide an easy way to mount/install security camera
  • Heavy duty, weatherproof, solid metal design provides strong protection for the camera cables from all weather conditions



Eyemax IBA-EBS10 Eyeball Deluxe Smart Wall Mount for Fixed Lens Models Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 6 in

Black, Ivory, White


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