Dahua N45EJ62 4MP ePoE Night Color Eyeball Turret Dome Network Camera Built-in White Light Illuminator and Microphone Dimensions
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End Of LifeN45EJ62 4MP ePoE Night Color Network Eyeball Camera

  • 1/1.8-in. 4 MP Progressive-scan CMOS Sensor
  • Triple Stream Encoding
  • Smart H. 265+ and H.264 Dual Codecs
  • 4 MP (2688 × 1520) at 30 fps
  • 2.8 mm Fixed Lens
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Enhanced Power and Data Transmission Distances with ePoE
  • Starlight+ Technology for Low-light Applications
  • Analytics+ Functions — People Counting, Perimeter Protection, Smart Motion Detection, and Face Detection
  • White-light Night Color Technology for Color Images in Total Darkness
  • ArcticPro Series Camera Operational down to –40° C (–40° F)
  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range (140 dB) and True Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • Maximum IR LED Distance 26 m (85.30 ft)
  • Five-year Warranty
N45EJN2 4MP Outdoor ePoE Night Color 2.0 Network Turret Camera
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Dahua N45EJ62 4MP ePoE Night Color Eyeball Turret Dome Network Camera Built-in White Light Illuminator and Microphone

The Dahua N45EJ62 4MP ePoE Night Color Turret/Dome Security Camera offers some of the best color night performance available today!

Most security cameras struggle to provide color images at night…even the “better” ones struggle below around 0.02 lux, and honestly, even that spec is unrealistic. Dahua’s N45EJ62 Night Color technology allows this camera to provide full color images down to 0.002 lux that’s a factor of ten more sensitivity, and the difference in real-world performance really is quite stunning. It means that any area that has any natural illumination looks as bright as day. The first time I saw the light from a full moon captured by this camera was truly amazing.

You can expect this kind of performance from the entire Dahua Night Color line, but here’s the twist with this N45EJ62 particular model it has a pair of warm-white LED lights; so even if there is no light at all, it can still render full-color images. The LEDs have an automatic mode that can adjust their brightness automatically, and it is very surprising to see how little illumination the LEDs provide to the naked eye, but to the camera, it looks like a powerful floodlight. Compared to garden-variety camera that have onboard IR illuminators, this is a game changer. Now, it is easy to tell what color the car was, or the color of the shirt that some wrong-doer was wearing. Color images are so much more useful than monochrome images.

With that said, this N45EJ62 camera does have a monochrome mode as well, and in that mode, it can reach even farther into the darkness. Night Color and the white-light LEDs are kind of the main “thing” with this camera, imagining why anyone would want to use it in monochrome mode; But I’m sure someone will think of some good reason, and it’s there if you need it. In many applications there will be plenty of ambient light, so there will be no need for the LED lights, let alone B&W mode. One might dismiss the LED feature; but this also happens to be the only camera in the Night Color series that has a built-in microphone, so even if one doesn’t need the supplemental lighting, one might prefer it because of the mic.

Don’t confuse this Night Color model with very similar-looking models intended for the non-USA market! If you see a lower price on this model, it’s an inferior model, gray market, or the seller is not an authorized dealer. Gray market models tend to be attractively priced, but they typically come with Chinese firmware which has been hacked to function in the USA. Such firmware is not supported by Dahua and cannot be updated via official sources or tools. If you want the real deal, get real Night Color cameras that are intended for the US market, sold by an authorized dealer. Cable Solutions is a Dahua Authorized All Star Partner.

Analytics+ functions at the edge – performing complex real-time perimeter protection surveillance, Smart Motion Detection, and face detection. The Dahua Analytics+ algorithms significantly improve accuracy and reliability as compared to standard intelligent features. The camera is ideal for a host of diverse applications — Night Color Technology and Ultra Wide Dynamic Range allow the camera to operate in any lighting condition, and the IP67 rating makes the camera suitable for the harshest environments. The N45EJ62 Night Color camera incorporates white-light LEDs to offer full-color images in total darkness, as well as an effective visual deterrent. This technology provides smart illumination, where the camera automatically activates the white-light illuminators when ambient light levels fall and adjusts exposure time and LED intensity to prevent overexposing the image.

Featured Highlights

Night Color technology begins with a large 1/1.8 inch 4 MP progressive-scan CMOS sensor that combines with a fast F1.6 2.8 mm fixed-focus lens to provide full color 2688 × 1520 images under conditions that would leave most security cameras in the dark: as low as 0.0002 lux!  Even in complete darkness, the white-light LED illuminators can provide enough light for full color images at distances as great as 20 meters (65.62 ft).  Onboard electronics support Ultra Wide Dynamic Range of 140 dB (beyond “True WDR”), while sophisticated 3-D noise reduction compliments a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 56 dB, FOV (Field of View) is 113 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical.  4 megapixel resolution gives you twice as many pixels as “full HD” aka 1080p, or 2MP cameras, and this model can provide its full resolution at a refresh rate of 30 FPS.  It also supports sub-streams at multiple resolutions, which works great with software like Blue Iris that can take advantage of it.

Pro Series Analytics+ Features include

  • Perimeter Protection via line-crossing, entry, exit
  • People Counting
  • Enhanced POE (ePOE) supports cable runs up to 2,624.67 ft (800 m)
  • Smart Motion Detection that can distinguish people and vehicles from random movement
  • Face Detection
  • Motion
  • Missing / Abandoned Object
  • Scene Change




Dahua N45EJ62 4MP ePoE Night Color Eyeball Turret Dome Network Camera Built-in White Light Illuminator and Microphone Datasheet

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Dahua N45EJ62 4MP ePoE Night Color Eyeball Turret Dome Network Camera Built-in White Light Illuminator and Microphone Operations Manual

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Dahua N45EJ62 4MP ePoE Night Color Eyeball Turret Dome Network Camera Built-in White Light Illuminator and Microphone Quick Start Guide

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