End Of LifeDahua PFT3920

  • Single-mode LC Connectors
  • Maximum Transmission Distance of 20 km (12.43 miles)
  • Maximum Data Rate of 155 Mbps


Dahua PFT3920 Optical Transceiver, SFP-TX, 1550 nm, RX, 1310 nm, Single Fiber, 155M, 20Km, 3.3VDC, Single-mode, LC Port

Dahua PFT3920 Optical modules complying with SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) standard are devices converting electrical signal to the optical form and optical signal to the electrical form. Usage of media converters with the ability to exchange SFP modules is particularly preferred because of its versatility; for example, if you change the network configuration rather than replace the entire unit or add new media converters, simply select the appropriate SFP module. Modules complying with most of the switches and routers with SFP socket.

Small Size for High-Density Fiber Connections
The Dahua PFT3920transceiver comes in a mini-GBIC form factor, making it ideal for environments that require many fiber connections by taking up less space in your cabinet and/or computer room.

Multi-Vendor Compatible
Compatibility in your network is everything, and the Dahua PFT3920 SFP Transceiver Module (model 507509) delivers. Use it with any Intellinet SFP equipped network switch or any other MSA compliant SFP enabled switch. And since the Intellinet SFP transceiver module is set to broadcast, the vendor Dahua PFT3920.

No need to power down your LAN switch in order to install or remove the Dahua PFT3920 transceiver. This makes it very convenient and easy for you to make adjustments to your network that allow your business to keep pace with the changing demands of the market.

Attention! The PFT3920 requires to cooperation the PFT3910.

  • Data Rate: 155Mbps
  • Interface: LC
  • Transmission Distance: 20 km
  • Transmission Medium: Single-mode
  • Wavelength:1550 nm/1310 nm
  • Sensitivity: ≤-32dBm
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Output Power: -14dBm~-8dBm
  • Working Temperature: -40 °C ~ +85 °C
  • Dimensions(W × D × H): 13.7 mm x56.5 mm x8.95 mm



Dahua PFT3920 Optical Transceiver, SFP-TX, 1550 nm, RX, 1310 nm, Single Fiber, 155M, 20Km, 3.3VDC, Single-mode, LC Port Datasheet

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8.3 × 6.5 × 1.38 in


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