TR-PIGTAIL-TB-F CCTV Camera Power Connector Female with Terminal Block Back




TR-PIGTAIL-TB-F Power Pigtail Female with Terminal Block

  • DC 2.5 (internal) x 5.5 (external) mm female
  • Terminal Block 2 pin
    • Positive pole inside, negative pole outside
    • 5.0 mm pitch


TR-PIGTAIL-TB-F CCTV Camera Power Connector Female with Terminal Block

Powering CCTV Cameras Locally

Your security camera will require a power supply. Many cameras require a 12V power supply, as connecting the wrong power supply may void your warranty.

If you choose to power your camera locally, you will not require a DC power cable. You can simply connect your PSU directly to your cameras DC fly lead and plug the PSU into a power socket close to where your camera is sited. The advantage of this is you do not have to run a separate power lead as well as your RG59 cable. This can save on costs, particularly on long cable runs, however there are drawbacks on powering your cameras locally.

Powering CCTV Cameras Remotely

DC power TR-PIGTAIL-TB-F pigtail is used to connect your security cameras to your power distribution system or power adapter. It features a male coaxial power plug on one end to two bare wires on the other. 6 inch (15.24 cm) connector for CCTV camera power.

You may want all your cameras to be powered from the location your DVR is sited. For example, a shop premises may require all cables to lead to a secure back office where they cannot easily be disconnected. The easiest solution would be to use a RG59+2 composite power and video cable also known as a shotgun cable. This is two small cables fused together, one carries the video signal and the other carries the power. This type of cable saves time and money and can be easily installed for any application.




TR-PIGTAIL-TB-F CCTV Camera Power Connector Female with Terminal Block Datasheet


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