TW-HT-300MH-W White Mountable Hole 12 inch (30.48 cm)




TW-HT-300MH TW White or Black Mountable Hole 12 inch (30.48 cm)

  • Self-locking, tamper evident.
  • Bundle and mount cords, cables and wires.
  • Mount with screw, bolt, or rivet.


TW-HT-300MH-W 12 inch (30.48 cm) Nylon Mounting Cable Ties Plastic Mount Head Screw Zip Ties 50 lb (22.68 kg). 100 Pack White

TW-HT-300MH-W mount head nylon cable ties are a natural choice for many applications due to their versatility and ease of installation, in addition to their low price point.

TW-HT-300MH-W Nylon Cable Ties have virtually limitless applications for just about every industry. Suitable for most applications, our mount head cable ties have a continuous working temperature of-40 °F (-40 °C) to 185 °F (85 °C) and can support a maximum weight of 50lbs. Ideal for use in situations where mounting and bundling is required.

TW-HT-300MH-W White Mountable Hole 12 inch (30.48 cm) BudleAll TW-HT-300MH-W cable ties feature smooth rounded edges making these cable ties easy on the hands, in addition to a finely spaced gear rack allowing for exact adjustment ensuring a snug fit.

Comprised of 6/6 Nylon with a compact molecular structure provides better weathering and sunlight resistance, higher melting point, superior colorfastness and excellent abrasion resistance creating a high quality

Dependable cable tie with natural high resistance to insects, fungi, animals, molds, mildew, rot, and many chemicals.

Troun Screw Mount Cable Ties allow controlled positioning of cables. The easy-to-use ties are made with high-quality 6/6 nylon and can be quickly mounted to walls and structures with screws, bolts, or rivets for added security.

Troun Screw Mount Cable Ties, 12 inch (30.48 cm) lengths and 50 lb (22.68 kg) tensile strengths. They are offered in natural for indoor use and UV weather-resistant black for indoor and outdoor use (50 lb (22.68 kg). only).


  • Secure wire bundles and harness components quickly, without slipping
  • Can be quickly mounted to walls and structures with screws, bolts, or rivets for added security
  • White, 100-Pack
  • Made with industrial strength Nylon 6/6
  • Withstands temperatures-40 °F (-40 °C) to 185 °F (85 °C)
  • 12 inch (30.48 cm) long, 5/16-inch wide cable tie
  • 50 lb (22.68 kg) tensile strength, can hold a bundle diameter of 3.1 inches (7.87 cm)


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × .25 × .1 in


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