V1001 KJB Security Ear Mic for Recorders


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KJB Security V1001 Ear Mic for Recorders

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KJB Security V1001 Ear Mic for Recorders

The V1001 from KJB Security is a Ear Mic for Recorders is a SoundBuds Rise Wireless in Ear Headphones, Black. Forget about tangled cables with these Anker SoundBuds Rise wireless in-ear headphones. They make the perfect workout companion with up to 10 hours of listening per charge, adjustable accessories and a water- and sweat-resistant design. These Anker SoundBuds Rise wireless in-ear headphones prevent tangles and provide easy access and storage with magnetic earbuds.

It captures sound The same way we hear sound in the real world with our own ears. When you listen to an FS microphone recording using headphones, you hear the sound as if you were there at the time of recording. The effect is so powerful because the design is based on 15+ years of research into technology and human hearing. How does it work? TheV1001 Ear Mic is specially For Recorders.If you are recording outside and a dog barks in the distance or a plane flies overhead, when you listen back to the recording on headphones, you’ll be able to pinpoint the location of those sounds in space. This is excellent for ear recording instruments with loud high frequencies like drum cymbals or strummed acoustic guitars. It also prevents any harsh effects that are sometimes associated with  recordings using smaller capsules.





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