VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras Integrated Thermal Imager and PTZ For Intrusion Detection and Object Tracking Dimensions
VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras Integrated Thermal Imager and PTZ For Intrusion Detection and Object Tracking

VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras



VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras Integrated Thermal Imager and PTZ For Intrusion Detection and Object Tracking

  • Thermal detection and tracking of intruders up to 1640 ft/500 m in a 360° panoramic view
  • Integrated high-speed PTZ provides real-time tracking
  • Geospatial tracking on localized maps
  • Excellent performance regardless of lighting or weather conditions
  • Dual inputs to VMS provide PTZ image and multiscreen customized thermal display
  • One thermal unit can replace up to 8 fixed cameras
  • Perfect for large storage yards, parking lots, power plants or other secure areas


Vicon VTR Security Thermal Sensor Camera

Vicon’s VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras is a high-powered thermal sensor cameras provide 360° coverage of open spaces to detect, identify and track intruders.

With Vicon’s V2002D-PTZ Roughneck AI PTZ Dome, the solution delivers situational awareness of any physical incursion that may threaten a facility or its perimeter, doing the work of multiple fixed cameras and decreasing the number of security personnel needed to monitor critical areas.

The continuous 360° scanning for thermal intrusion detection monitors both inside and outside the perimeter, using sophisticated analytics to determine and classify detections. It provides rapid geospatial detection of multiple targets from every direction. Instant slew-to-cue PTZ autotracking action allows multiple targets to be observed simultaneously and provides immediate confirmation and forensic coverage. When a detection occurs, the coordinates are sent to the integrated PTZ, triggering an instant response to zoom in on the incursion. Human intrusions can be detected over a wide area of 1640 ft (500 m) and vehicles over an area of 4921 ft (1500 m).

Available in with 320×256 and 640×512 resolutions and a variety of lenses, there is a model to fit any installation. With the built-in TRIA functionality, the thermal sensor and PTZ outputs can be displayed in a unique combined view that clearly shows any intruder’s location and identity.

The VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras unit easily integrates into Vicon’s Valerus as well as many other VMS solutions over LAN or mobile. It can also be used as a standalone solution and viewed in a browser using its IP address.




VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras Integrated Thermal Imager and PTZ For Intrusion Detection and Object Tracking Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6.49 × 11.06 in
Focal Length:

14 MM, 18 MM, 6.3 MM, 8.7 MM, 9.1 MM


VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras

Model VTR-3000 Series VTR-6000 Series
Thermal Imager Module
Thermal Sensor Type: FLIR® Boson Uncooled VOx micro bolometer
Frame Rate: 9 Hz/60 Hz
FPA Resolution: 320 × 256 640 × 512
Image Bit Depth: 16 bit thermal infrared
Lens Focal Length: 6.3 mm, 9.1 mm 8.7 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm
Speed and Resolution
Rotation Speed: VTR-3200: 35 RPM; VTR-3300: 28 RPM VTR-6200: 42 RPM; VTR-6400: 35 RPM; VTR-6600: 28 RPM
Image FOV (H): 360° continuous
Image FOV (V): VTR-3200: 19.5°; VTR-3300: 27.3° VTR-6200: 19.5°; VTR-6400: 25.6°; VTR-6600: 39.3°
Image Resolution: 320 × 256 per station 640 × 512 per station
Stations: VTR-3200: 11; VTR-3300: 15 VTR-6200: 8; VTR-6400: 11; VTR-6600: 15
Refresh Rate: VTR-3200: 1.7 s; VTR-3300: 2.1 s VTR-6200: 1.3 s; VTR-6400: 1.7 s; VTR-6600: 2.1 s
Ethernet: Auto switch 100 Mbps – 1 Gbps
Network Security: TLS with password protection
Network Protocols: Zero config system with multicast, DNS/DNS-SD Service Discovery, DHCP, NTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP
Processor and Analytics
Processor: Quad Core, 64-bit
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Embedded Analytics: Security: intrusion and classification, fire detection, temperature monitoring
Detection Zones: Configurable Areas of Interest, Exclusions, and Motion Filters
Compression (Streaming): H.264
Resolution/Frame Rate: 1080p/8-15 fps
Detection Range
Human: Up to 738 ft (224.94 m) Up to 1640 ft (499.87 m)
Vehicle: Up to 2461 ft (750.11 m) Up to 4921 ft (1,499.92 m)
Fire: Up to 1.6 mi (2,574.95 m) Up to 3.1 mi (4.99 km)
Operating Temperature: -4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C); Storage: -4 to 185° F (-20 to 85° C)
Certification: IP67
Power Requirements
Power Source/Connector: PoE+, IEEE 802.3at, 802.3at – LTPoE++ (90 W); RJ-45
Power Consumption: <16 W, 12 W typical
Dimensions (W × H): 6.49 in. × 11.06 in. (165 mm x 281 mm); refer to dimensional diagram
Weight: About 7 lb (3.18 kg)
Country of Origin: USA; Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
PTZ Integration: PTZ Slew-to-Cue commands upon detection
VMS Integration: ONVIF compliant: RTSP stream, alerts


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