HD Over Coaxial Cable DVRs and our signature Quadbrid DVRs provide affordable High Definition with the same intuitive interface as our NVRs. The Quadbrid DVRs offer inputs for TVI cameras, AHD 2.0 Cameras, Analog Cameras and IP cameras. Quadbrid DVRs are compatible with ONVIF cameras. View all our options for security jobs both large and small, compact 1HDD DVRs, mid-sized 2hdd units and full size 8Hdd recorders to fit all sizes.

HD video series that features cross technology Quadbrid DVRs. These Quadbrid DVRs feature the same intuitive embedded GUI as the NVRs, and is the HD over Coaxial cable counterpart to the lineup. Quadbrid DVRs feature four security technologies (HD-TVI, AHD, Analog and IP Network) inside one recording device.

The Quadbrid units give security installers more flexibility during a security installation. In situations where a customer needs to replace a downed analog system, a Collsam Quadbrid DVR will be able to display 960H cameras. The Collsam Quadbrid security recorders are also great to have on hand for analog to HD upgrades, as these units use HD over coaxial cable technologies. The IP capabilities are also great for customers who only need Mega pixel resolutions in select areas.

The Collsam Quadbrid recorders range for surveillance jobs large and small and are compatible with ONVIF devices. Choose from 4 channels to 32 channels. If you are looking for flexible solutions for security installations, a Collsam Quadbrid recorder may be a great option for your next surveillance job.

The basic functionality of Collsam Quadbrid DVRs Include:

  • User-friendly Embedded GUI
  • Support HD-TVI Security Cameras including Collsam and outside brands
  • Support AHD 2.0 Security Cameras including Collsam and outside brands
  • Support Analog Security Cameras including Collsam and outside brands
  • Supports IP Network Devices including IP network Cameras and Collsam IP security Cameras as well as third-party IP Cameras.
  • Supports ONVIF protocol
  • Supports dual stream recording of each camera
  • Quick Setup Wizard and Easy Camera Management tools
  • Supports single or batch configurations of camera‚Äôs OSD, video settings, masks, motion detection among other camera features.
  • Allows for remote web client access and Mobile app
  • Supports multiscreen modes
  • Support custom screen Layouts
  • Supports timescale operations in quick playback and playback by date and time
  • Supports record searching by time slice smart search, time, or event (motion detection)
  • Supports time view and camera view in search by time slice mode
  • Supports time slice searching by month, by day, by hour and by minute and time slice to be displayed with camera thumbnail
  • The snapped images can be attached to e-mail when alarm or motion is triggered
  • Supports QR code quick setup for Mobile App Collsam Mobile

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