Keep the safety of your home or business with authorized personnel secure access

Access control systems (ACS) are the electronic systems that are designed to control through a network. Access Control System recognizes authenticates and authorizes entry of a person to enter into the premise thereby giving complete protection ensuring security with the system.

The areas or organizations which require high security use different types of ACS like biometric, RFID, door controllers and card readers etc. Each access point controlled individually as per the requirement of company or organizations where high security is necessary. Network security is also important, especially in a company which handles sensitive products or data.

What is an Access Control System?

ACS provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter your premises. Access control system is one of the most commonly used systems in electronic door control using a card or a magnetic stripe which can be accessed by swiping through a reader on the door.

ACS allows access to enter into the premises, limiting people to one side of the door. In some cases, physical access control systems integrated with electronic ones by limiting the users, allowing them to utilize the resources limited on a computer system.

Bio metric Access Control System

The Biometric Access Control System is a time attendance control system with fingerprint access, and it tracks and records data of Visitors and Employees through Attendance Software. This is widely used in confidential places for its easy installation and high security.

Biometric Access Control System uses fingerprint instead of card system for access. The Access Control System not only permits entry but also gives the data regarding the entry of persons. The Attendance Software can be integrated with any existing payroll software, and it gives automatic record of information generated by the Attendance System, and this saves time and resources in recording. It increases productivity and profitability for any organization.

Bio Metric ACS
Door Access Control Systems

ACS Door opening or closing System is a compact, low cost, standalone. It is ready to use, easy to install device. Any electrician can install it with electromagnetic lock with simple instructions provided. It is widely used in Offices, Server rooms, Homes, Airports, Defense, Data centers etc.

ACS within a building may be linked or standardized based on the size of the organization and the varying levels of security. It is suitable for homes, offices, and other access control applications. Access control systems typically administered in a central location. Besides electronic door locks, there are access control panel models, magnetic door locks with uninterrupted power supplies.

An administrator grants access to a person with the settings built inside the administration software and a key which opens one or all of the doors in a building.

In a door access control system and these update the information within the system and each user given a unique identity.

Features :

  • Provides High Security
  • High-performance, maintenance-free
  • Fast and Perfect Authentication (less than 1 sec.)
  • Reduces administrative cost.
Door Access Control System
Proximity Access Control System

The proximity access control system is a more confidential system. It ensures a safety environment, and it is widely used in office, factory, bank, etc… There are about 50 kinds of time zone settings and 5 open door groups.

Proximity Access Control System
Security Access Control System

There are many options in security access control system, for example

In a home security system that can be customized to meet each individual and family needs, and they are burglar alarm systems, fire and carbon monoxide detection systems, closed-circuit TV video systems, card access and automation systems.

The systems consist of sensors placed at different locations throughout the house that communicate with a central control unit. The control unit connected to an alarm or to an automatic telephone dialer or Internet connection to monitor.

These systems are available as monitored or non-monitored, which simply activate a loud or flashing alarm attached to the home, to give homeowners a false sense of security. In a monitored system, it is connected to a 24-hour central monitoring service and this service receives an intruder signal. The home called within seconds and the person who answers must give their name and the pass code, whereas in a Non-monitored alarm systems the call set to dial the local police directly when the system detects an intruder.

Access Control System

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