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Burgular / Intruder Alarm

Get complete peace of mind that your home protected 24/7!

A basic intruder alarm system consists of a control panel, with rechargeable battery power backup and internal or external keypads, several interior and perimeter intrusion detectors, and one external sounder, at least. An intruder alarm system can be classified as an hardwired, wireless, or an hybrid system.

More advanced alarm systems can perform functions like access control (motorized gates, electric strikes in wickets/doors), lighting and heating control, and many other tasks of home/building automation. The interface devices (manipulators) are modern keypads and touch panels, which beyond the aesthetic appearance and intuitive operation have the ability to store maps of the facility on memory cards for easier control of the entire system, as well as (optionally) mobile phones or handhelds and PCs with dedicated applications and Internet connection.

Intruder Alarm System
What is Burgular / Intruder Alarm?

Intruder/burglar alarm system is a set of interconnected devices that is aimed to protect an object, usually a facility, against intruders and to notify the owner or/and the monitoring station/center of any violation of the protected zones. Depending on the requirements and financial possibilities, it can be a simple alarm system suitable for a basic protection of a home/apartment, or a more advanced structure, which in addition to the basic functions will greatly improve the life comforts of the users. The designer of the system, usually the installation company or simply the installer, can greatly help the investor/user (customer) to choose an optimal solution, depending on the characteristics of the facility and the customer needs, also taking into account expansion options for the future

Elements of alarm systems

Alarm control unit/panel (switchboard). The main unit is mounted in a dedicated housing/box together with a backup/buffer battery guarantying operation of the system during power outages. The housing is equipped with an anti-tamper switch connected to the dedicated input of the panel. If the system is not put in the service mode, any attempt to open the case ends up triggering an alarm. The control panel monitors the proper operation of all the equipment installed in the system. It collects information from the sensors, keypads, anti-tamper circuits, detects any faults in the wiring, and in the event of an irregularity, switches on optical and acoustic signaling. If the control panel is equipped with a communication module, it can notify the user or a security company about the alarm action.

Control Panel of Intruder Alarm

Keypads, touch panels. These manipulators allow the installer to setup the control panel and program all the functions of the alarm system. They also are the user interface for communication with the alarm system, which provides information on the system status and enables arming and disarming operations. An alarm system usually contains one main (master) keypad and (if needed) zone/partition manipulators. The master device has LCD display and numeric keys, or touch screen. The partition keypads have numeric keypads and a simple optical signaling in the form of LEDs. They are used to arm and disarm the partitions, while the main keypad is responsible for the complete control of the entire alarm.

Touch Panel For intruder Alarm System
Sensors. Sensors/detectors are the most essential elements of any alarm system. The proper selection, deployment and operation of sensors determines the actual usability of the entire system. The popularly employed sensors are PIR and PIR+MW motion detectors and reed switch sensors mounted on the door/window frames. These and other sensors used in alarm systems can be classified as follows:
  • motion detectors:
    • Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors
    • Micro-Wave (MW) sensors
    • dual sensors (PIR+MW)
  • peripheral sensors (reed switches)
  • other sensors: glass break, vibration, water, carbon monoxide, gas, smoke, infrared barriers (curtain detectors)
Glass Break Sensor
Co Detector Satel

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