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ATM security has turned into an industry in and of itself. ATM transactions are quick and convenient, but the machines and the areas surrounding them can be susceptible to criminal activity if not properly protected. The use of video surveillance, especially new IP-based security cameras, can help to ensure that ATM transactions are safe.

Atm Area - Banking & Finance

• Intelligent face analysis, send automatic alarms if detect exceptional phenomenon.

Face Analysis - Atm Area - Banking & Finance

• Anti-skimming, recognize ATM-skimming and detention time of the customer.

Anti Skimming - Atm Area - Banking & Finance

Benefits of ATM surveillance

Prevent hold-ups and violent confrontations – The presence of security cameras can enhance the level of safety around an ATM, making it less likely that customers will be confronted by threatening criminals looking to swipe their cards or cash.

Deter ATM skimming – Skimming involves the use of special devices to record information from magnetic stripes on bank cards. ATM security cameras can spot and stop a potential skimming operation before it starts.

Prevent hidden camera use – Some criminals known to steel ATM pins by using small hidden cameras. A proper video surveillance system will detect such an operation by spotting suspicious activity and hidden camera installation as it happens.

Digital storage – IP-based security cameras enable the user to store and back-up footage digitally on hard drives or servers. This allows for more footage to be archived while also providing advanced search capabilities.

Criminal investigation – IP network cameras can provide valuable visual evidence of crimes involving cash machines. Searching through digital footage for specific times and dates is typically a smooth and painless process. Some ATMs left unattended for long periods of time. In such cases, archived footage can prove invaluable when an incident reported.

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