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Bank and Finance Security Center

The Bank and Finance CCTV Security Center is a comprehensive security system for banks and other financial institutions. The system is designed to provide comprehensive security coverage for the premises and personnel of financial institutions. It is a combination of advanced security features, including CCTV cameras, motion sensors, access control systems, and alarms.

The system is designed to capture and monitor the activities of personnel in the financial institution, providing a detailed picture of the financial activities taking place. The system also allows for real-time monitoring of security events, ensuring that all security measures are taken quickly and effectively. The system is tailored to fit the needs of each financial institution, offering features that meet their specific security needs.

The Bank and Finance CCTV Security Center is also designed to be simple and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to switch between different security controls. Additionally, the Bank and Finance Security Center system is designed to be highly resilient to power outages or other potential disruptions, ensuring that the security system continues to operate even when the power goes out. In addition, the system is capable of integrating with other security features such as access control systems and fire systems.

The Bank and Finance CCTV Security Center also provides a secure archive of all captured data, allowing for easy retrieval and review of events at any time. Additionally, the system is capable of providing detailed reports on the activities of personnel in the financial institution, allowing for closer oversight and improved compliance with regulations and security measures.

Finally, the Bank and Finance CCTV Security Center is designed to be cost-effective, offering a comprehensive security system without the expense of a full-scale security team or other personnel. The system is designed to be highly scalable, allowing for the addition of new cameras, sensors, or other security measures as needed. This allows financial institutions to maintain a high level of security without investing a large amount of money.

Security Center - Atm Area - Banking & Finance

Embedded NVR

Banking and Finance Embedded NVR

Collsam’s embedded network recorder product line is a comprehensive solution for any level of needs. From four channels to 256 channels, their designs provide a range of options for those requiring reliable recording of data and images. These products are designed to be reliable, secure, and efficient. All of Collsam’s recorders are embedded, meaning that they are contained within the main hardware and cannot be removed or tampered with.

The four-channel embedded network recorder is the most basic of Collsam’s products. It is capable of recording up to four videos simultaneously and features a Compact Flash card for recording data. This small, discreet device is easy to install and use, and it can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer for easy access.

The eight-channel embedded network recorder has a larger capacity and is suitable for more complex applications. It can record up to eight videos simultaneously and comes with a SATA hard drive for storage. It also features a USB port for connection to a computer for remote access. This device is perfect for businesses and institutions who need to track and secure large amounts of video data.

The sixteen-channel embedded network recorder is a more advanced model, and it has the capacity to record up to sixteen videos simultaneously. It also includes a SATA hard drive, a USB port, and a number of additional features such as motion detection and watermarking. This device is ideal for larger operations, such as airports and other security-sensitive locations.

The twenty-four-channel model is the most powerful of Collsam’s embedded network recorders. It is capable of recording up to 24 videos simultaneously and includes a two terabyte hard drive, a USB port, and several advanced features. This model is perfect for institutes, businesses, and government agencies needing to capture and store extensive amounts of video data.

Finally, the 256-channel embedded network recorder is the most comprehensive model available. It has the capacity to store and record up to 256 videos simultaneously, and it features an array of advanced features such as motion detection, watermarking, and e-mail alerts. This device is best suited to organizations with large-scale video surveillance requirements.

Collsam’s embedded network recorder product line is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for any size or type of application. From the small four-channel model to the powerful 256-channel model, each offers reliable, secure, and efficient recording capability for all your video surveillance needs.

Network Storage

Network Storage

Network Storage: A must-have product line for total secure data storage

Network storage is an essential component of any modern business infrastructure. It provides the ability to store and protect data in a secure environment from a variety of threats. As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology, they need data storage solutions that provide both the ability to securely store data and access it quickly. Network storage offers these benefits, making it a must-have product line for total secure data storage.

Network storage solutions provide a range of features and benefits for businesses of all sizes. It allows for secure access to data from any location, allowing employees to work remotely and collaborate securely. It also allows for data replication and backup, so that businesses can recover from any data loss without delay. This data protection helps protect businesses from threats such as virus infections, ransomware attacks, and data breaches. The ability to store data on multiple servers also provides businesses with redundancy in the event of a failure or disruption.

Network storage also increases data security by providing access control and encryption. Access control ensures that only certain users have access to the data. Encryption ensures that only those with the correct credentials can access the data. This type of protection helps to keep sensitive information safe and secure from any unauthorized access.

Network storage also helps businesses improve their efficiency and productivity by allowing for faster transfer and access of data. This improved access to data can help companies take faster decisions, enabling them to remain competitive in the market. Furthermore, it also helps streamline workflow by allowing different departments to access the same data without having to transfer or copy that data.

Finally, network storage is cost-efficient and can help businesses reduce their IT costs by reducing the need for additional hardware. It also helps reduce the costs associated with data security, since it reduces the need for physical security measures. This makes network storage an essential part of any business’s total secure data storage solution.

In summary, network storage is a must-have product line for total secure data storage. It offers a range of security features, increased efficiency, and cost savings, making it an essential part of any modern business infrastructure. With network storage, businesses can ensure their data is protected from any threats and remain competitive in the market.

Decoder and Encoder

Decoder and Encoder

The Decoder: Abundant 4K Resolution Decoder is a powerful media streaming device that provides access to a wide range of content and allows users to connect to their TV wall with ease. This decoder offers a unique viewing experience and allows users to enjoy videos, music, and images in amazing 4K resolution.

This decoder is designed to be powerful and reliable, making it the perfect choice for any home theater or media center. It is equipped with a powerful processor and advanced internal hardware that enables it to stream and decode 4K content with ease. This decoder also features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly navigate the available content and seamlessly access their TV wall.

This decoder uses a variety of audio formats such as Dolby Digital and Dolby TrueHD, as well as multiple video formats such as H.264 and MPEG-4. The decoder also supports various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video, so users have access to a wide range of content. In addition, the decoder is equipped with an array of ports and connectors, including HDMI, component video, and USB, allowing users to connect an array of peripherals such as game consoles, disc players, and more.

The Decoder: Abundant 4K Resolution Decoder is designed to be energy efficient, consuming minimal power when in use. It also features advanced cooling technology to keep internal components cool and avoid overheating. This decoder is also designed to be durable and reliable, so it will be able to handle the rigors of everyday use.

Overall, the Decoder: Abundant 4K Resolution Decoder is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable device that can stream 4K content and connect to their TV wall with ease. It offers a great viewing experience and is equipped with an array of features that make it a great choice for any media center or home theater



Collsam’s display devices are some of the most widely recognized and in demand on the market today. Their high levels of performance and quality have earned them a reputation as the go-to choice for displays.

Collsam’s displays come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, from the small and compact standalone monitors to larger, more expansive TV walls. This makes them suitable for any application, from individual home use all the way up to complex commercial installations. Each display device is optimized for maximum clarity, refresh rate, and contrast to ensure the highest levels of performance.

All of Collsam’s displays come with the latest in cutting-edge technology to ensure that users get the best out of their display setup. This includes features like multi-monitor support, multiple input types, and a variety of ports for connectivity. This makes them ideal for multitasking and for connecting all sorts of devices, from computers and consoles to external media players or streaming devices.

As well as the hardware, Collsam also offers an extensive range of software to customize and control its displays. From simple wall mounting procedures to more complex calibration settings, Collsam’s software is designed to make setting up and using their displays even easier. Plus, users can also take advantage of special features like ambient lighting and motion detection to further enhance their display experience.

Overall, Collsam’s displays offer unparalleled levels of performance, quality, and innovation. From standalone monitors to large TV walls, they can offer the perfect solution for any display requirement. With their unbeatable performance, features, and flexibility, Collsam’s displays are sure to satisfy the needs of any user.

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