Innovating Banking Security

With millions of bank transactions every day, banking and financial institutions exposed to substantial criminals. At the same time, how to improve customer experience and management efficiency has emerged as a major task for management facing the fierce competition in the modern world.
The fast innovation in security with both technological breakthrough and business integration has been an important enabler for banking and financial institutions to improve vulnerability and management efficiency. Collsam

Advanced Technologies to Secure Your Banking and Financial Intuitions

1. 4K UHD camera with face recognition can identify suspicious object with super clear image to prevent potential risk and critical events

2. Overlay the transaction information on the video footage to avoid potential disputes, thus to improve customer experience.

3. People counting, VIP recognition, remote authorization etc. to integrate the security with main business process to further improve business and management efficiency.

4. Data safety. Sophisticated backup measures in server to ensure the critical data safety.

System technology—Banking - Collsam

Solution Features

• High Definition: High resolution of 4K, improve image quality greatly.
• High Cost-Efficiency: Multi-function product, reuse the existing cable and easy to install, greatly save the investment.
• VIP Service: Through face recognition function, enhance the VIP customer experience.
• Flow Statics: Output flow traffic statistics in premises by period, provide decision-making basis for management.
• Integrated and Compatibility: End to end system, compatible with third-party system.
• Smart Transaction Record: Record the transaction information and clear facial picture, provide strong proof if disputes or misunderstandings from the customer.
• Queue Management: Measuring and analyzing queues so that you can open a new bank teller when required to decrease waiting times and improve customer satisfaction.

System Structure

System Structure - Banking - Collsam

Solution Detail

High volumes of financial transactions each day – from signing documents to approving loans – may leave institutions vulnerable to customer misunderstandings or disputes.

To ensure the property and personnel safety of customer outside the bank, outdoor camera aims to avoid being traced and robbed by criminals, also facilitate the time of the incident control and evidence.

Lots of people go in and out frequently with intense sunlight contrast, a camera with true WDR and smart function is must-have.

To ensure the property and personnel safety of customer and protect the asset, discreet vandal-proof pinhole cameras keep a watchful eye on ATMs, serve as a deterrent, and send automatic alerts when criminals attempt to steal or damage your property so that you can take immediate action.

The lobby areas are the most visited locations that require high detailed facial images and no blind spots.

Video management platform is the CCTV system core that manages, views, plays back, and controls all the daily operations among all devices, the system works in master-slave mode and unified management of whole system resources.

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