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Substation - Solution Overview - Electric Power

Perimeter Security

Traditional Security Solution - Perimeter Security - Substation

Traditional Security Solution

• Install PIR detector at the corner of fence for intrusion detection
• Send intrusion alarm to alarm controller or FSU and send alarm out
• Send intrusion alarm to DSS platform in the control center

ePOE Video Solution - Perimeter Security - Substation

ePOE Video Solution

• IR network camera monitors the perimeter both day and night
• ePOE is one of Dahua key technologies
• For normal camera, it supports the video and power transmission less than 100m, and ePOE camera supports 800m transmission

Smart Video Solution - Perimeter Security - Substation

Smart Video Solution

• Thermal camera supports perimeter surveillance both day and night
• Thermal camera supports human body detection and intrusion alarm
• Make linkage with PTZ camera

Access Control

Substation Rooms - Access Control - Substation
Substation Rooms - Access Control 2 - Substation

Substation Rooms

• Door controller manages doors in the substation
• Open the door with cards
• Make linkage with camera

Predictive Maintenance

Easy Maintenance for Smart Power Grid - Predictive Maintenence - Substation

Easy Maintenance for Smart Power Grid

• Easy Connect : Camera + PC + DSS Pro
• Easy Test: All functons in one model
• Professional for maintenance

Thermal temperature measurement is the most effective means for real-time, remote on-line detection of high-voltage equipment.
Easy Maintenance for Smart Power Grid 2 - Predictive Maintenence - Substation
• Typical Subjects of Thermal Temperature Measurement
Easy Maintenance for Smart Power Grid 3 - Predictive Maintenence - Substation
Transformers - Predictive Maintenance - Substation

Environment Surveillance

Environment Surveillance - Substation - Electric Power

Temperature and humidity detector, water detector, smoke detector and others all connect to this unit. It can connect to the platform and can also be used by local device.

T & H Detection - Environment Surveillance - Substation - Electric Power

T & H Detection

• Temperature and humidity detection and alarm
• Make linkage with air conditioner

Water Detection - Environment Surveillance - Substation - Electric Power

Water Detection

• If water flows into the room, it gets alarm

Smoke Detection - Environment Surveillance - Substation - Electric Power

Smoke Detection

• It will send an alarm if the device gets on fire

Production Safety

Staff Auto-tracking and Record - Production Safety - Substation

Staff Auto-tracking and Record

• Collsam PTZ camera automatically tracks the process of production and records it.
• The production safety manager can remotely inspect the staff in the substation.
• If some accident happens unfortunately, the video recorded will help manager do analysis.

Remote Surveillance and Control

Power Grid Control Center - Remote Surveillance and Control - Substation

Power Grid Control Center

• Power grid control center manages all its substations with Collsam VMS platform and video wall. Collsam system also supports the linkage with SCADA system.

Distribution Room Surveillance

Outdoor Switch Room - Distribution Room Surveillance - Substation

Outdoor Switch Room

• Install camera outside of switch room for damage prevention.
• Managers can check the equipment by cameras inside the switch room.

Indoor Switch Room - Distribution Room Surveillance - Substation

Indoor Switch Room

• Cameras in this kind of switch room can monitor the whole room including the entrance, windows and equipment.

Drone for Transmission Line

Tour Inspection - Drone for transmission line - Substation

Tour Inspection

• Power transmission line inspection is hard work and drone tour inspection makes it easy.
• By drone tour inspection, staff can check the power transmission line and tower remotely.


Substation - Solution Overview 2 - Electric Power

Solution Detail

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