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Customer disputes and cashier fraud frequently occur at the checkout counter. HD video, audio, and POS overlay can identify problems and provide evidence of wrongdoing.

Checkout Counter - Retail Shop

POS Integration at NVR

Pos Intergeration at NVR - Checkout Counter - Retail Shop

• POS Integration

Video and corresponding POS information can be shown simultaneously in both live and playback mode. The system also supports text search to find bills and their associated video recordings.

Pos Intergeration - Checkout Counter - Retail Shop

Solution Detail

[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Entrance” image=”36987″ title_link=”|title:Entrance”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Office” image=”36984″ title_link=”|title:Office”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Store Floor” image=”36986″ title_link=”|title:Store%20Floor”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Store Room” image=”36983″ title_link=”|title:Store%20Room”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Checkout Counter” image=”36985″ title_link=”|title:Checkout%20Counter”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Parking Lot” image=”36982″ title_link=”|title:Parking%20Lot”][/dt_sc_image_caption]

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