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Collsam provides specialized HD and PTZ cameras for parking lots in order to automatically track and respond to abnormal behaviors instantly. When situations such as accidents or burglaries arise, HD video provides detailed evidence to confirm facts and alert authorities in time.

Parking Lot - Retail Shop

• 4K

4K enabled cameras provide clear details of the entire parking lot area. Bullet and PTZ cameras can link up to track suspicious targets from any angle.

4k Camera - Parking Lot - Retail Shop

Solution Detail

[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Entrance” image=”36987″ title_link=”|title:Entrance”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Office” image=”36984″ title_link=”|title:Office”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Store Floor” image=”36986″ title_link=”|title:Store%20Floor”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Store Room” image=”36983″ title_link=”|title:Store%20Room”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Checkout Counter” image=”36985″ title_link=”|title:Checkout%20Counter”][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Parking Lot” image=”36982″ title_link=”|title:Parking%20Lot”][/dt_sc_image_caption]

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