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Innovating Traffic Enforcement Security

As a system that has been proven to save lives, the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) is widely deployed in cities worldwide. The traffic enforcement system is an important component of ITS, not only helping drivers to strengthen their awareness when driving, but also generating additional revenue from fines to help finance a sustainable, growing, and well-maintained enforcement system. The Collsam Road Safety Enforcement Solution is a unique and comprehensive suite of tools which can detect multiple traffic violations in order to improve road efficiency and safety.

Solution Overview

Solution Overview of Road - Collsam

System Structure

Traffic System Structure

Other Application Areas

[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type5″ title=”Red Light Enforcement” title_link=”|title:Red%20Light%20Enforcement” image=”33419″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type5″ title=”Parking Violations” title_link=”|title:Parking%20Violations” image=”33416″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type5″ title=”Speed Detection” title_link=”|title:Speeding%20Detection” image=”33418″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type5″ title=”Real Time Traffic Status Display” title_link=”|title:Real%20Time%20Traffic%20Status%20Display” image=”33415″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type5″ title=”Bus Lane Enforcement” title_link=”|title:Bus%20Lane%20Enforcement” image=”33417″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type5″ title=”Traffic Signal Control” title_link=”|title:Traffic%20Signal%20Control” image=”33414″][/dt_sc_image_caption]

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