Safe public transportation is a global concern, especially in responding quickly to traffic accidents. In a modern society with increased mobility, red light violations are a major factor in traffic tragedies. Every year, 21.5% of all traffic accidents are caused by running red lights. The Collsam Red Light Enforcement Solution reduces accidents to create safer and more secure roads for citizens.

System Overview

System overview for Red Light - Collsam

• Solution Details

At the core of the Red Light Enforcement Solution is a system that synchronizes the status of red light signals with the triggering signal to cameras. When a violation occurs, the Collsam all-in-one capture camera takes three images of the violation to be used as evidence. These images include the vehicle license plate, status of traffic signal, and an overview of the scene. Afterwards, the DSS management and storage platform collects the data from each camera and distributes it to client operators for further processing. Edge storage devices ensure data from the cameras is saved, even in the event of transmission failure.

• Features and Benefits

>> Embedded LPR

Enriched recognition features: up to 95% license plate recognition rate.

The license plate color, vehicle color, vehicle brand recognition can be customized.

System over view LPR - Collsam

>> Automatic Day / Night Mode

Automatically distinguishes day/night without setting any parameters.

>> Advanced LPR Camera

6.8MP high definition LPR camera captures more details.

Cover 3 lanes with only one camera.

>> More Convincing

Take 4 snapshots with the violation in progress, status of traffic signal, and plate number to be used as evidence.

Traffic Management - Collsam

• Traffic Management Server Support

>> Search and fuzzy search by plate/time/type of violations.

>> Show plate/record time/image thumbnails/linked video.

>> Supports real time monitoring.

>> Supports block car alarm.

Other Application Areas

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