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Innovating the Transportation Environment

Collsam transportation solutions deliver crystal clear real-time and recorded images. The latest technologies like ANPR and Face Recognition work to improve traffic and operational efficiency. Panoramic and thermal cameras also allow for more effective monitoring.

Collsam’s rich industry experience beings true value for customers in the form of:

• Latest 4K, panoramic, and thermal technology to enable a safer environment.
• ANPR, Face Recognition, Intelligent Analytics to improve overall operation efficiency.

• Open platform for 3rd party integration.

Mobile Vehicles - Transportation

Mobile Vehicles

For many cities, it is of great importance to promote mobile vehicle’s security as a favorable commuting alternative.
Harbours - Transportation


Collsam has utilized experience and expertise in the security industry to provide an intelligent and secure harbors solution
Parking - Transportations


With increasing automobiles on the roads, how to enhance the parking efficiency and improve user experience has been set with high priority by parking owners.
Airports - Transportation


With growing concern of terrorism around the globe, how to ensure the airport security has gained high attention of the local government and airport management authorities.

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