Airside – Tarmac Multi-lens Monitor

Airside Tarmac Airport Security Solutions• Multi-Lens with 180 degree panoramic view up to 32 Mega Pixels achieve real-time video
• See the airport surrounding environment more intuitive and clearer
• Effectively improve the performance of emergency command

Airside – Tarmac Thermal Detection

Airside Tarmac Thermal Detection Airport Security SolutionsHave one thermal camera for monitoring in total darkness and one visible camera with starlight feature and motorized lens for confirming details
• Have high thermal sensitivity to capture more image details and temperature information
• Detect illegal intrusion of personnel and other objects with thermal technology

Other Application Area

Road To The Airport Security

Airport roads video surveillance not only needs to consider outdoor environment, but also the image quality under different weather conditions. Collsam cameras can deal with harsh environment and improve image quality.

Air Cargo Security

Air cargo security measures aim to protect cargo from theft, but they also secure cargo against incoming materials such as bombs or drugs. Security is a very critical element of the air cargo supply chain.

Airport Command Center security

Operation center plays a significant role in the whole CCTV system. Security guards can check live view, playback and do video patrol through monitors or TV wall. In addition, alarm management, and third-party system integration can be realized by VMS.

Airport Terminal Security

Terminal is the most complex place with large flow of people. One side of the terminal connected to the airport apron and another side connected to a transportation center on the ground. Passengers and baggage have to receive necessary inspection in the terminal before boarding. Therefore, how to effectively monitor this process is critical.

Airport Perimeter Security

Airports present a unique set of outdoor challenges. While having requirements to protect wide, expansive perimeters, they also contain smaller areas of vulnerability – entry points, baggage storage, fuel depots and mor

Airside Tarmac Security

Tarmac Security deploys a wide range of reliable and dependable security services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Our tailored security solutions are personal to our clients’ exact security needs.

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