Terminal is the most significant surveillance area due to its heaviest foot traffic among all airport areas with retail stores, check-in counters, duty-free shops, airport lounges, departure and arrival area, etc.

Intelligent behavior analysis

• Combine video analysis, image processing, deep learning and artificial intelligence technology to achieve high protection of the surveillance scene

• Achieve many intelligent applications like the tripwire, intrusion, abandoned object, missing object, object protection, parking detection, loitering detection, directional flow violation detection, fast-moving, scene changing, crowd gathering estimation, crowd density and so on

Airport Terminal Security

Face recognition

• Recognize the face by intelligent arithmetic

• Input personnel information and establish the blacklist for the system

• Generate the alarm when recognized face match in the blacklist and help police find the criminal


• One camera catch 360° scene with no blank area

• Show real video with calibration for any area

• Multiple dewarpping modes: original, panoramic, double panoramic, 1+3, E-PTZ

Elevator Monitoring

• Video surveillance for all kinds of elevators

• Long wireless transmission distance up to 500m

Business intelligence

• Line crossing people counting, Region people counting, Queue management, Heat map.

• Reduce OPEX , increase store operating efficiency. Enhance profits by grasping the direct relationship between foot traffic data and transaction data.

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