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Automatic Wi-Fi upload

When the vehicles arrive at the terminal station , the mobile NVR can switch from the 3G or 4G network to the Wi-Fi network and backup the data to the control center saving the network traffic cost.

Other Application Areas

[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Alarm System and Crash Detection System” title_link=”|title:Alarm%20System%20and%20Crash%20Detection%20System” image=”36285″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Speed Alret” title_link=”|title:Speed%20Alert” image=”36282″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Fare Fraud” title_link=”|title:Fare%20Fraud” image=”36286″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Real Time Traffic Status Display” title_link=”|title:Real%20Time%20Traffic%20Status%20Display” image=”33415″][/dt_sc_image_caption]
[dt_sc_image_caption type=”type6″ title=”Fleet Tracking” title_link=”|title:Fleet%20Tracking” image=”36284″][/dt_sc_image_caption]

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